Yakima Washington

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The Yakima Valley is a very valuable agricultural center. It is recognized to be one of the best places for the production of apples all over the world The region is also known as a major growing area for cherries, hops, pears and peaches. The valley is also growing vegetables such as corn, peppers, and beans. Yakima Washington lies at the center of this very fertile valley. It is also the county seat for Yakima County. 

Through the years, the region has flourished in the wine industry. Today, over forty wineries are doing great business and it is said that the land in the valley is comparable to the soil found in France. The local hops gathered support in an increasing interest in beer which is celebrated on the yearly Fresh Hop Ale Festival. Some microbreweries are set up as displays at the festival. Live music is also present in the festival. During the festival, vendors sell their local beer together with food and wine. To give every body a chance to participate, a homebrew challenge has been included in the festival.

The Yakima River supplies water for the city. This river in Yakima Washington is considered as a favorite location for recreational activities and fishing. There’s a ten mile track for walking and cycling. Yakima Washington has a park as well as a wildlife preservation area on the banks of the Yakima River. Many small lakes entertain a lot of tourists in summer who visit to fish or to take a swim. People who pay a visit to Yakima Washington can also go to the local airport at McAllister Field from Salt Lake City and Seattle.

Tourists can do a lot of things in Yakima Washington. They can receive warm greetings from the people in the valley. Visitors can utilize a pair of old trolley buses during summertime. This is a very entertaining activity for tourists since they can move anywhere around the town. Usually, the trolley buses operate on a five mile track. The activities in the place are overwhelming and there are also a lot of annual events. 

One of the activities that tourists can expect from Yakima Washington is the Yakima Folklife Festival. This festival includes a medieval village with arts and crafts stalls. It also has dance and live music, food and children’s games. Aside from that, visitors can even listen to more music at the Gapsody Music festival at Union Gap. It would be advisable that you bring your own lawn chairs for comfort. You can also use your blankets if you want to. Another famous challenge in Yakima Washington is the Antique Car Show. This draw is made especially for customized rod cars, roadsters and trucks enthusiasts. Art and wine collaborates at the Art Walk and Wine Gala. In this event, many artists across the state exhibit their masterpiece and local wineries also display their products. All these activities come together with live jazz music. The entry process is per ticket and the pass is only being given to individuals over twenty one years of age. All music lovers can have fun with the Yakima Washington Valley Community Band performance. This is even great since tourists can enjoy regular free concerts from the band itself. 


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