Fear of Flying

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Fear of boarding an airplane is one of the most common fears existing since flying engines has been created. It is known to be very hard to fight because of a lot of factors that can cause fear 

You may feel the fear of being ‘trapped’ in the plane, known as claustrophobia, or you may also have anxious feelins about having a panic attack while on board, or you may fear the plane might crash.

In the real world, some of your fears may have no basis at all and are just simply the result of myths you come to believe as real.It is known that individuals who have a fear of flying will be really concerned about air pockets. Well, there is no need to feel that way since air pockets are just about as true as your tooth fairy is!

It is told that if a plane is unlucky enough to fly through one of these air pockets, it can just fall hundreds of feet suddenly. This is not true.There’s no such place in the sky that’s a pocket with no air. The notion is illogical.  Air pockets does not really exist.

Another fear is that airplanes are very fragile and turbulence can cause very great damage. This is a threat to the passengers and crews’ safety and can really break the plane’s wings. The truth is, commercial planes are really meant to survive far more turbulence than you would imagine and ever experience on a common flight. No turbulence amount would typically be encountered by the passengers can damage the airplane. Turbulence is just really is annoying but since the plane’s strength comes from the flexibility in it, you need to live with it and just conquer your fear. The planes wings are  extremely pliable that they can bend and flex with the wind. You can consider turbulence as a comfort issue.

Another misunderstanding is that an airplane will fall out from the sky if the engines quit working.  The fact is, even engines are not present, a plane can just glide for a very long period of time, up to one hundred miles from a cruise’s altitude. It is the same as a giant paper plane.  Planes do not simply fall. Gliding is possible and even saves fuel.

There are still several myths about flying that can really create unnecessary fear and anxious feelings in flying. It is really advisable that you get more information about flight and how really planes work so that you will overcome your fears.You can try the popular free report on the Takeoff Today website to do this. Learn these facts and put your fears behind you and jusyt enjoy the experience. 


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