Perfect Your Reading Skills

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Did you notice that you don’t read every word and try to understand the sentences when you’re reading a book, a summary or an article in English. You already know that it is unecessary to read and understand all of them just to get their meaning. You just need the same skills as what you do reading in your native tongue.

4 Major Techniques In Enhancing Your Skills in Reading

1. Skimming. Just try running your eyes down with important information or keywords. This is really a good practice when you have to directly understand what is happening during a business meeting. You can use this skill in reading newspapers then get the news as fast as you can: magazines then identify the articles of your interest: or even brochures where you can just easily grasp the major info’s quickly.

2. Scanning. Same as what you do in skimming, you just need to run your eyes down the text for youi to find out what you are really interested with. This is applicable when you scan schedules, plans and information you really wanted to get specifically. This skill is also common when you watch the tv, check the schedules of trains or planes and also from conventional books. Scanning does not require you to understand the text.

3. Broad reading

This is practiced for general understanding and pleasure of the text. You put yourself in the extensive way of reading long texts as leisure or for professional reasons. This skill increases your knowledge on a matter. Students and people in business apply this skill when reading books which are related to their field, their interesting novels, or even specialized kinds of magazines.

4. Thorough reading

This is the skill that allows you to understand details. This is used in short texts to really comprehend those very specific information at hand. It needs a lot of attention for complete understanding. In grasping every detail, you must understand every single word, phrase, and number, like when you are reading reports, contracts or insurance claims.

Fast and effective reading can really be developed with practice just like any other skill. The more you keep on reading, the faster your perception will be; words becomes more familiar, phrases makes more sense, and you start feeling  you are finally a master of the English language. You can make it to the top with the help of your ESL program and determination. 


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