Is Sociology a Science?

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Science is the “knowledge obtained through study or practice”. This is the definition based on the Merriam Webster dictionary. This definition of sociology is categorized as a science since it is considered as a field of study that has been fully developed to gain knowledge about our society and social behaviors of human through the study of individuals within societies. Sociology is somewhat a brand new branch of science compared to those hard science subjects such as chemistry and astronomy. Still this fact makes it as significant as the other sciences would be.

Social Science

This is one of the broadest areas of study within sociology since it is the area of social science being the study of social relationships. This studies relationships of humans on every social level. This would be as follows: 1.personal 4. community 5. state  6. national and 7. world. This field of study is important since it helps us explain why human relationships develop and how relationships affects the society’s function as a whole.


This field of sociology studies abnormal social behaviors classified as crimes against our society. It examines the behavior of the criminals and studies what the society do to punish these acts. This has many practical applications.


This is one of the more known sub-fields of sociology. It studies specific characteristics that defines a particular population like the population’s size, the population’s sex ratios, the ages of the people in the population, where people live, what people do to earn for a living and their educational attainments and backgrounds. This information is usually collected by governments and other agencies.


It studies the trends of election. This include how people with specific demographic profiles vote in specific states and how certain generations vote. This field of study can be very useful in making election predictions or finding constituents to target for fund raising and political campaigning.


A unique sub-specialty in sociology helps measure variety of characteristics of quantitative social behaviors. Frequency and severity of behaviors are the most common quantitative factors that are measured inthis field of study in sociology.

Structural Sociology

The study of the structures within societies. These structures are unit structures, 2. social structures and 3. government structures. This has developed a body of knowledge that says that institutions and social structures are given a higher priority from humans than individuals. This theory is very useful in studying human behavior and sociology as well.


Sociology is considered a science. It is young science dedicated to enhancing a body of knowledge which describes the society and the society’s internal structures and systems. 


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