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Although the location is important to consider in starting your business, keep in mind that it’s only one of the number of factors that can determine the failure or success of your enterprise. I bought a warehouse real estate a few years back so I can start my warehouse shipping business through the internet. It was an excellent idea that time but I was unfortunately a bit off on the matter. I was out of the loop and when I finally managed to go into Internet sales, it was already too late for me. The market already saturated and not being a computer savvy person, it was difficult for me to overcome all the obstacles. Still, moving forward with my plan was better than giving up. I decided to just give it a try and see what happens in a few months. There were factors on my warehouse retail space that worried me. My warehouse retail space location was not traditional. In addition to that, my shop was inconveniently a bit out of the way and there are many other outlet stores almost 10 miles further. I didn’t really expect that a large number of people would still stop by my store. 

My business worked out a lot better than I thought. After only a few months since I opened my warehouse retail store, I was surprisingly already breaking even on expenses made for operation. A few more couple of months and I was on my way to being successful in the warehouse retail business. The business was doing really well that I was then able to afford upgrades for it. To tell you honestly, the place did not really look much when I first opened it. It looked more like a warehouse that has a cash register. After I made a few additions for it to have a more professional look, my sales grew even higher. 

I guess the best thing about the success of my warehouse retail business was having the opportunity to use that success and my popularity to also start a wholesale business. It didn’t take long before my warehouse retail business was doing business practically on all parts of the country. In fact, now, we get so many orders transacted through the internet like we do from clients coming in person. 

I guess the biggest factor in our success was the location. It was surprising to know that the one factor that I thought will hold the business back actually helped us immensely. You see, we were just a quick detour from the highway so many people coming from the city would pass by the shop. It may be the most inconvenient location for people who just wants to do a quick shopping trip but it is ideally located to benefit from the warehouse retail outlet shopping excursion that a number of people go for nowadays. Buying that warehouse was probably one of the best decisions I made as it had opened up opportunities for me that I can take advantage of. 


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