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Football, have always been my passion ever since. I would play it as often as I can when I was still a kid and now, as an adult, I watch football every time I get the chance. I support England and Liverpool FC. Though, it gets frustrating at times, someone has to take on that job! England fans have long awaited the Wembley Stadium to be completed. The stadium construction was over budget and quite overdue but it finally opened before F.A. Cup Final spectacle. The problems encountered with its construction may not be good for the 2012 Olympics that London will be hosting.  

The stadium is elegant and it is neither flashy nor burdened with gimmicks. Its distinguished arch will without a doubt become another icon of the city along with the Houses of Parliament and the Tower of London. There’s leg room and a good view of the game from all seats when fans watch football. The most important feature is perhaps the number of toilets. However, the pitch does seem to easily cut up. It’s not the kind of finished product that will make audiences gasp in awe but it does what it was build to do. But I guess this hardy matters as avid fans only want to watch football in a comfortable surrounding, at a very reasonable price. 

A number of negative comments in regards to ticket cost and prices of programs, food and drinks. It would actually take a small fortune for an average family to make a trip to the Cup Final. The reason is that fans nowadays are expecting more than warm beer and chewy pie when they watch football. I say, why not provide choices between simpler fare and gourmet food? They could have created two versions of the Cup Final program that has a different price for each one that has basic match information and the other has the stadium background. 

For us, devoted fans have been sidelined for the past years. Ticket prices have soared so high while player’s wages reach incredible levels. This had not only affected the Premiership. When average players are given star status money, fans are bled dry while they sit in the rain in order to watch football teams in lower divisions. 

Selling the brand to developing football countries and corporate hospitality seem to be the priorities now. This gives a sense of yearning for those days when terraces were decorated with thousands of trilby hats and flat caps and players gave it all they’ve got for very little money as seen in black and white pictures. No one can blame anybody for generously rewarding talent but we’ve had enough. The stadiums are much safer and more comfortable now but it had taken a toll on those who can barely afford it. It had simply become too expensive for fans to watch football nowadays. 

Football is now the new rock and roll and everyone, especially politicians and celebrities want to get a piece of it. It is becoming a pool for business in China, India and Africa. After all, it has so much money riding on television rights and merchandise. Under all this, true fans were forgotten when all they want is to watch football with their favorite team playing without getting broke. 


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