Water Proof Flashlight

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Last year around Christmas, I asked my younger brother what he wanted as his Christmas present. He is the kind of person who is difficult to purchase gifts for and often, what he really wants does not fall within my price range. His answer came as a surprise to me. He wanted a water proof flashlight. I think a flashlight it a handy tool but I wondered why anyone would want a water proof one. I don’t really think that my brother would go swimming at the pool or lake when the sun is out. I might have looked really confused to him as he took the liberty of explaining to me why he would need one. After which, it felt like a light bulb just went off on the top of my head then I realized that there are many reasons why people need to have water proof flashlights. 

A water proof flashlight, of course, works for light but think about what will happen if there’s water involved? An example situation would be when you get a flooded basement. You would use a flashlight to help you check the damage but what if you accidentally drop it into the puddle? This can happen as a lot of people have unfinished basement. My basement that has a leaking water heater that my landlord has yet to fix is proof of that. A water proof flashlight won’t turn off if by any chance, you let go of it and it drops into the water. This is the principle behind the water proof flashlight idea. 

A water proof flashlight is also very handy in case your car breaks down and you have to go get assistance but it’s dark and raining or perhaps snowing outside. These are those instances when your flashlight will come in contact with water and it is important that it keeps on working for you the entire time you need it. With this in mind, it would be a really good idea for you to keep a water proof flashlight in your car or truck, right next to the emergency kit. 

In my brother’s case, he wants a water proof flashlight because my step dad is a race car driver and sometimes it rains on race night. Although rain can actually stop the races, they still want to look at the car just incase the rain subsides and the race resumes. Where my step dad races, overhead lights are not available at least not as well enough to check the car where it needs to. At one time, they could have really used a water proof flashlight but none was available. Those were good enough reasons to me. When I go do my Christmas shopping this year, I will make sure to buy my brother that nifty gadget. I might also purchase one for me. You never know really know when you’ll be needing one and when that time comes, I want to make sure that I have prepared for it. 


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