Wholesale Closeouts

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I didn’t start out to be a wholesale seller. In fact, when I started out in the business, wholesale closeouts was only my last resort as a way to avoid getting in trouble with my wife. I was unemployed and was not really contributing to paying the household bills. She was earning most of the family income but it just wasn’t enough for us both. She then told me that if I don’t earn any money within that month, two of us will be having a “serious discussion”. That was enough for me get really desperate. I didn’t have luck getting a job, so as my last resort, I went ahead and took a risk. I bought wholesale bulk clothing over the internet, laying out a few hundred to a thousand dollars worth of clothes. It was extremely risky and I was aware of not to mention that I did the wholesale closeouts without my wife’s knowledge. Luckily, in the end, it paid off quite well. 

My salesmanship was one of the skills I am really proud off. Once I bought all the products I wanted from wholesale closeouts, I didn’t waste time selling them on online through my eBay account. I’ve never really been able to sell more than a couple of things online before but surprisingly, it didn’t take long before I was already handling several orders each day. At first, the business was a tad bit slow but after a while, I was able to make ten times more than the money I spent on my investment. I thought that I was just lucky to find the perfect wholesale liquidation but I soon found out that keeping your eyes open means you’ll be able to see the great deals available over the internet all the time. You can always take advantage of wholesale closeouts if you are more than willing to buy the things in bulk. 

It is important to always keep in mind, that there are times when wholesale closeouts do not always turn out for the best. In some cases, you may want to use drop shipping but still it is better to be in full control of your inventory. This means you really need to take some big risks like purchasing products that you do not really think will sell well. Storage space is also an important matter because the more things you have to sell, the more money you can generate as your income. Just like all investments out there, make sure that you have a bit of money you can risk before you venture out on it. Remember that in wholesale closeouts, even with 200 dollars, you can make quite a small profit if you’re lucky enough. Do not get over your head, though. Investing in wholesale closeouts is not safe and a 100% risk-free venture despite what other people will tell you. But still, having the right stuff can make you earn quite a fortune in the least time. 


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