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Many would think that I am a fool for purchasing a mountain bike online. But, whatever they say, I still bought a mountain bike from the internet. I consider my bike as my charming tool, because of it, I found the love of my life. In the city where I live, you need to have a trail bicycle. It is considered a necessity. Here in Portland, biking is one way of transportation in the place. This type of transportation also allows people to meet singles and even friends. In addition to that, biking also builds up those muscles in your thighs specifically; it works up your whole body which makes it a good form of exercise. 

If truth be told, almost each single person who lives here has at least two bikes. It is like a way of life for singles like me. There are actually many types of mountain bikes. There is the road bike or the track bike, and then there is another one that is used for off-road biking. There are also a few suitable bike trails that are not far from the town. By the way, for your information, trail riding is the most difficult one to try. It really takes time to work up on the trail biking. 

Buying a trail bicycle kit online can save me up a lot of money than buying it from the sports stores. Prices in the stores are sky-rocketing. Though the trail bicycle kit that I purchased was affordable, the down side of it was that you have to assemble the kit yourself. That is what you will mostly get from kits online. I believed that I could fix things like bikes, trail bicycles to be more specific, just like most of the guys. But, when I was assembling the parts of the trail bicycle, it just came to me that I cannot handle it by myself. It is too tricky. I cannot seem to fit the various parts of the bike. I could not touch it anymore. And so I decided to take it to the bike shop for its modifications. 

But, when I was about to take the trail bicycle to the shop, I could not fit it in back to its original packaging. That was why I had to carry the trail bicycle in pieces, because it was intact by half. When I got to the shop, I was assisted by a woman who was so keen about bikes. She knowledgeably put back the misplaced pieces of my trail bicycle. Not to mention she was pretty, too. While helping me out with the bike, of course we got to talk. She actually offered to take me on trailing the day after that. And then one thing happened after another and eventually we started going out. 

And yes, we have our own happy ending. If I was not that crazy enough to buy a trail bicycle online, I never would have met her. I owe to my bike the love of my life. It just shows that beautiful things can happen when you least expect it. 


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