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Woodworking is my passion. Ever since I was a little kid, my father had never failed to involve me in this trade and as a result, I was able to do greater things than most people could. When I finally grew up and became a contractor and carpenter, I only needed little instructions in my work. I can practically do anything with wood such as build a house, a cabinet, a guitar or make a floor. It did not matter what it was because I know have already perfected my woodworking skills at a young age. Although, there was one aspect of my business that I had completely missed out on and that turned out to be very important: economics.

I had assumed that my skill alone will carry the business but one year after I started out, I realized that it just was not true. There was not enough money coming in at least not as much as I was expecting to get. I had looked at all possible causes except for one. Perhaps it was because I was not charging enough for every construction we do or maybe the time it would take for us to finish a project was too much or that perhaps my workers were overpaid or lazy. It took me a while to finally realize that the problem lies with my supply. I was simply not making the right decisions when it comes to wholesale lumber. 

I did not realize how much of an issue this is. In fact, I have not given wholesale lumber supplies that much thought before. My mistake was settling for the closest supplier in the area because I thought it would make restocking easier every time I needed more. It did not take that long for me to realize that I was completely getting ripped off in terms of wholesale lumber. You see, since I was purchasing from a wholesale lumber supplier who’s customers are mostly smalltime contractors and hobbyists, I was almost paying retail price for the wood I needed. 

In addition to that, my problems on my supplies were causing the rate of my work to slow down. I had to understand that despite believing that we should support the local industry, it is impossible to do so as a contractor. I was placing my business in a very difficult situation in settling to use a smalltime supplier of wholesale lumber. More often than not, the supplier would be short on a certain supply and it would take him days to get his hands on them. Every time I needed certain kinds of supply such as a specialized kind of wood like a teak wholesale lumber, I would either need to for it somewhere else or give him an entire month to find it. I knew there was a need for me to grow up. Not only mature as an individual, but at the same time as a businessman. When I finally understood the economics of the business, money was no longer a problem for me. 


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