Window Bird Feeders

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There are a number of people I know who are very fond of birds. Many of them love feeding them in any way they can. You see, for most people this is a very relaxing past time. Often, they hang bird feeders on a tree or simply scatter seeds outside when the ground is covered with snow for those birds that stuck around during the winter. It is easy to feed them that way however, you can find different kinds of really cool feeders available out there that will enable you to be closer to those birds you’re fond of. You can purchase windows bird feeders that bring the birds closer to your view without worrying of scaring them off. 

The first time I saw the window bird feeders was when I worked through college as a maid cleaning houses. Such a concept never crossed my mind and I didn’t know they even existed until I finally saw one. I remember thinking that it was perhaps one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. The window bird feeders looked like half bowls and are all against the window. At first I thought that it would scare off the birds but by the looks of it, they were quite calm. It was most likely because of the tinting on the window near the feeder that lets people inside the house to watch the birds eat without them knowing people are there.  

The window bird feeders are incredibly neat but they do look like they are heavy on the pocket. If you do intend to invest in them, it is less likely that you will regret buying them. Although, there are a lot of things you can do to make an alternative in order to avoid spending so much. One of them is having your window tainted and then hanging a regular feeder right in front of the tainted window. This will give almost the same result as the expensive window bird feeders, the birds will not fly away even when you come closer to your window. 

There is a wide range of window bird feeders you can find in your local stores or you can try browsing through the internet to look for them. Also, it will be good to consider getting a few hummingbird feeders too as the hummingbirds will surely love them at the same time will definitely be really fun for you to watch. A great way to attract more types of birds to your window bird feeders is to put in different kinds of bird seeds in it. At the same time though, try to look for some ways to discourage squirrels to come near your feeders because one they’re in there, the birds are less like to feed and relax in your feeders. You can keep those squirrels away by setting up a squirrel feeder that has their preferred food in it far away from the bird feeders. This usually does the trick in keeping you bird feeders only for the birds. 


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