Winnie The Pooh Toys

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Winnie the Pooh first appeared in a children’s story in 1926. Since then, He and his friends have been very popular among kids all over the world. The author of Winnie the Pooh is A.A. Milne. His son’s toy bear first inspired him. A.A. Milne’s son is Christopher Robin. The original Winnie the Pooh Bear can be seen in New York City Library. It was E.H. Shepherd who drew the famous characters and all original stuffed Winnie the Pooh toys made from those famous drawings are highly valued by collectors. 

The purists prefer to collect images made by Shepherd but more often, people go for the Disney characters of many films and television shows over the years. Disney had garnered a considerable amount of money from the Pooh franchise, which includes video games and DVDs. Other merchandises are lunch boxes, backpacks, jigsaws and party packs. Popular gifts for christenings are pooh mugs, plate sets and bowls. 

Whether it is from Disney or E.H. Shepherd, the stuffed figures have been firm favorites. There are also traditional jointed and modern bears available. It is now common that kid’s bedrooms are decorated with popular Winnie the Pooh toys including figures of Piglet, Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore, Owl, Kangga, Rabbit and Roo. Often, owners would like to imagine that they are at the Hundred Acre Wood making adventures. 

Babies are not spared from this either as there are many Winnie the Pooh toys available while they are taking a bath like the Floating Fun Tree. Night-lights and Cot mobiles also has Pooh and the gang and play soft lullabies. Bedrooms can also be well furnished with Winnie the Pooh toys that include cozy chairs, alphabet desks and play tables. In addition, there are packs with stickers, posters, crayons for coloring and height charts. 

Play is a lot more fun with the Buildable Clubhouse fit for a group or the Splash and Bubble Tree house that includes a swing and a toy slide. A number of children like to go play Poohsticks, which a regular feature in Pooh stories. It is referred to as the most traditional of all the Winnie the Pooh toys. Everybody can play this game and all they will need are sticks of equal weight and length that float. Often, we see Pooh and the gang play the game by standing on the bridge and dropping the sticks down the river. The owner of the stick that reaches the finish line first is the winner! 

Keep in mind that not all of the items are very traditional. Merchandise manufacturers also keep up with the contemporary pastimes so there is a selection of Winnie the Pooh toys created for computers. One of these games is the Rumbly Tumlbly Adventure made for GameCube. The Winnie the Pooh toys have stood the test of time along with other popular, well-franchised toys. Based from the popularity it has been getting since its first release, it should not come as a surprise if it is still wildly famous in the next ten years. 


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