Wood Doll House

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My daughter seems to easily lose interest in every single doll house that I had bought her. She has several different dollhouses, but she has lost interest in them so quickly. Maybe because they are not big enough or just not so special enough, but I am not sure. I want to give her something she never had, something very special if she decides to have another dollhouse. I think I want to give her a very big wood doll house. I know this is one thing she’d prefer to have because it would be different from all the other doll houses I got her before. It is always fun to have something new.  

The good thing about a wood doll house is that you can decorate it in your own style and I guess that is what makes it different from all the other doll houses. Moreover, it would only mean my beloved daughter and I could paint the walls or maybe add wallpaper to it. This will let us spend time together decorating the wood doll house the way she would like it. She could decide what to do with each room. She can either paint each room’s wall with different colors or put different kinds of wallpapers in every room. So everything would be up to her.  

A wood doll house could be more expensive, and the furniture and accessories alone would probably cost an arm and a leg. But of course I would not want to spend that much cash unless she’s really into it. She is not yet into it at this time, but that would probably change after we spend so much time together in decorating and beautifying her wood doll house. It would be something very special for us both to do together. I know she would really enjoy it very much. Planning it would almost be as fun as actually working on it together. We could even redo it as often as we want as long as she still has the interest. She would be able to design each room the way she would prefer it to be. It will surely enhance her creative side. This will be a very memorable experience for her. 

When it comes to wood doll house and accessories, you do not have to limit yourself with what is available at the stores. You can let someone you know who likes to work with wood create one for you. In addition, what is good in this is that you can choose the materials to use, the size that you want, the number of rooms, floors as well as the overall design. If you do not know anyone, you can search online or maybe in local crafts and gifts stores. It could a long for you to find the perfect one and you may have to look everywhere, but it would surely be worth the hunt. Some wood doll houses are designed to make every little girl’s dream come true and create a perfect play environment. 


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