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I can find much time between my kid, my husband and my work. I can also find a moment cleaning the house. What I cannot seem to find is a moment for myself. There are moments when all I wanted to do is take a break. When opportunity comes in, I would always take time to do some crossword puzzle. As usual, it does not take much time as I have with my loved ones and my work. It only takes about thirty minutes of my time.  

When I am already sitting and doing cross word puzzles, my daughter always wants to look at what I am doing. I do believe this is a good way to catch my daughter’s attention. I know that she is too young for crossword puzzles but that fact cannot stop my daughter from learning the game. Instead of allowing her mess with my crossword book, I had given her the word search puzzles. 

She cannot complete the large word search puzzles for adults but it’s simple enough to make them for kids. It is also easy enough for children who do not know how to read yet. They can look for short words that are made up of three to four letters the most so that would be easier for them. Even if they can not read those words yet, they can still learn on spelling and saying them while doing the word search puzzles. If you think that you can not make these word search puzzles by yourself, you can try looking for them over the internet. Just try to do some research. After that, you can make a decision on what level your child should be under and decide how large the puzzle should be. 

The word search puzzles for adults are not limited compared to the kid’s. They come in complete shapes and sizes and they can also be hard and easy. There are word search puzzles that only have words up and down, and diagonal. There are even more challenging word search puzzles whose words appear backwards. Some have so many words where almost every letter is used once the word search puzzles are completed. However, others do not have that many letters. No matter what puzzle type you do, they’re still very entertaining. More often than not, I choose crosswords today but I still do one on occasion. 

In case you can not find word search puzzles in your local stores, you can definitely find them online. It is indeed true that most stores have word search puzzles contained in a book with different types but reality is online can offer you more. The word search puzzles online are mostly free and a number of the puzzles can be completed right in front of your computer. You do not have to print them out. That approach will surely save you some dollars and it is also environment friendly. You do not have to waste papers anymore. In case you might want to print some, you can still do it if you want. Just make sure that you have saved them in your computer. I am sure you will find this much cheaper than buying those books in your local stores. 


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