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I have always been amazed with world globe maps. If my memory serves me right, I believe my fascination began when I was around three or four years old. As far as I can recall, I went to my dad’s room searching for him. His place had always captured my interest. He had so many bookshelves. It was occupied with old, dusty items that I didn’t recognized and understand. I used to fantasize about the books in my dad’s room and I had always wondered what could be in those books.  

My father was always eager in explaining things to me. One time, I wondered why he was a bit reluctant about me asking him regarding his world globe map. He wouldn’t tell me anything about what the map was. He looked like he was thinking about something. After a couple of moments, he finally said that it was a world map. It was out of my reach so I asked eagerly to take a look at it. Still, my father would not allow me but right after that moment, he asked me a question out of nowhere, “What do you think the world looks like.” 

Until this very moment, I can still perfectly remember what I answered my dad. The answers I gave were actually influenced by one of my closest friends at that time. I told him about our beliefs about dragons that existed in the seas and to some other continents. I also described every fantastic creature that we thought existed on a world globe map. My dad completely paid attention to every word I said. He was very patient and he never disagreed with me. He never attempted to stop my fantasies about world maps, nor participated in my imagination. My father simply listened to me up until I was finished creating my extraordinary world globe map thoughts. 

When I was through talking, he accompanied me into my bedroom. He pulled the crayons out of the box from my drawer. Unexpectedly he said something to me. It was just a single word. He whispered, “draw.” Then, he smiled at me. I started drawing my own world globe map. I was always frustrated by the reality that I couldn’t draw all the things that I imagined, however I continued. Then, I had created an entire continent. After a couple of minutes, I had created two continents. This was the start of my love affair with world globe maps. 

From that moment on, any image of the globe that I set my eyes on fascinates me. Instead of teaching me the appearance of the continents together with the world globe map’s layout, my dad taught me something more significant. He taught me to make use of my own creativity and just come to my very own conclusions. He allowed me to use my imagination and made me realize that the world is a wonderful place. Even though the wonder is not that obvious on every world globe map, it will always be a lesson that I will forever remember. 


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