Square Pants

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More and more kids are becoming fond of the sponge that wears square pants. Yes, I am referring to the Sponge Bob Square Pants who laughs in a very funny way. My daughter have always loved the Wiggles but recently, she has been tuning in more to Sponge Bob. I must admit that I too like this show although it is not exactly educational for kids. However, I do not aim to become one of those mothers who practically force feed their children with educational activities. Sponge Bob Square Pants is perfect when my daughter just wants to see something fun. I make it a point to let kids just be kids and have fun.

Even before I had my daughter, I was already quite familiar with Sponge Bob Square Pants. I watch it often when I’m alone or when I’m surfing through the channels. If remember it correctly, it all started when my little sister-in-law made me watch the show as she loves it very much. Despite trying to be contrary to the show, I could not help but fall in love with Sponge Bob Square Pants and the silly antics he does on the show. Somehow, the characters remind me of the people in my life. Have we not all experienced a Mr. Crabs at some point in our lives? You must also admit that Squidward just reminds you of a certain someone you’ve known all your life.

The best thing about Sponge Bob and also my favorite is his ever so popular square pants. If you take a second to think about, every sponge needs a pair of pants and if you’re square, what other choice could you possibly have? I find it odd, though, no one else seem to need square pants but him, but I consider the fact that we are dealing with a cartoon. I often wonder how a sponge who lives underwater can manage to empty out his tub without absorbing the entire ocean along with it but then this debate is just too mind boggling even for me. Keep in mind that they also have a beach topped of with waves and a squirrel who decided to live with them underwater with the help an astronaut suit. Now that I mentioned it, are there in fact squirrels in Texas?

Sponge Bob Square Pants is so much fun to watch and I have no problems in allowing him to be a part of my daughter’s life. I do watch the show with her and if I see any problems in the show, what I do is simply discuss it with her and that’s about it. Sponge Bob Square Pants is a very silly show and it keeps her giiggling the entire duration of the show. She is still very young and I do not mind that she will believe that Sponge Bob’s bubble buddy was or that a starfish can be your best friend. We ought to all be so lucky. 


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