Steak Houses

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I’ve been quite passionate about cooking ever since I graduated from college. My parents were not exactly my teachers in this hobby as they never taught me anything about cooking. So you could say, I was unprepared to live by myself. Once I learned, though, it was like taking a duck to water. Unlike most avid gourmet fans, I prefer to only cook at home so I rarely eat at any fast food joints or restaurants. It always feel like it is more rewarding to eat the food I prepared myself. There is one exception, though, and that’s when I want to eat steak. I often go out to a steak house to feast on tender filet mignon. This had actually come as a surprise for me as I pride myself as being a healthy eater.

For the most part, I only eat a small amount of red meat and a moderate amount of fish and chicken. As a result, I often only cook healthy food at home. I do not allow myself to prepare unhealthy food so as not to give me a small window to get used to that option. Consequently, I am one of those people who have no idea how to cook hamburgers, steaks or any other meals that can only make you fat. I can try to figure it all out, of course, but doing this would actually mean being tempted to eat those types of food in my home. It may be ok at first but in time, I will probably find myself putting on weight!

Every now and then, I get hungry for a nice and juicy meduim rare steak. This is the time when I drive down to a steak house. Before, I would go to the outback steak house practically all the time. It was still the only steak house I’ve gone into and I always thought about how great their food is. It was conveniently located in my neigborhood and they also provide good service. I didn’t realize the I could get so much more when you eat steak in a real gourmet steak house. The experience completely blew me away. I think it might have ruined me for Logan’s steakhouse, Outback and other steak houses forever.

The next time you find yourself in a steak house and looking at their menu, consider ordering a good steak medium rare even if you prefer it cooked until it’s dark. You see, when a meat is overcooked, it ruins most of its flavor. Many people are not used to eating medium rare steaks but if you give it a try just once, it will quickly grow on you. You will eventually find yourself ordering it every time you’re in a steak house. Look at it closely and think that if you have your meat cooked until there is no more flavor, why bother to have steak at all? If this is the case, you may as well buy something low grade and cheap like a hamburger. 


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