Temporary Placement Agencies

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It is very challenging for anybody to get back into the work environment after few years of staying home as Mom or Dad. It would be hard to explain a large gap in your resume. Most companies would consider an applicant’s recent experience especially when it comes to new software programs. If you have been home too long, you would probably not know the latest about what is new in the world of office software.  It would be a great idea to take short classes to refresh your knowledge but you would not have the time for that because you need the job right away. Temporary placement agencies would be very helpful to individuals like this. They offer jobs that will not only simply help you pay the bills but also keep you from having a large gap in that resume. 

Have you heard of “temps” before? These people work in an office for a short period. They usually last a few weeks until extra help arises. This usually happens when someone is taking sick leave, maternity leave, or any kind of emergency. Temporary placement agencies always have a list of qualified workers ready. They usually screen applicants and give them aptitude exams to see their strengths and witnesses. Then, when a job position comes up which matches a particular “temp”, they are then sent to take over that position for the time being. 

If you like to get a job like this, the best area to start is in your very own community. Almost all cities have temporary placement agencies. You can walk in and talk with every agency to find what they can offer especially their rate of placement.  

After you submit an application form to the agency of your choice, they will review it.  They will call you for an interview if they see you potential. The pre screening or interview with temporary placement agencies is more relaxed compared to a standard job interview. But of course, you still need to look very professional. You should be able to explain your proficiency and background, your work experiences as well as your educational attainment. Convince them that you have what they need. Most importantly, inform them of your available hours and how many days in a week you are willing to work. Through this, temporary placement agencies will be able to give you the “temp” job you actually fit in. 

It is very important to keep in mind that you should continue to look for a permanent job while working as a “temp” unless you want to end up moving from one job to another. Some individuals who work with temporary placement agencies find full time jobs; however, that is not always the case. You should not count on it. Just add each “temp” position that you have experienced to your resume. One can never have too many skills and experience. Soon, it will impress every interviewer and before you know it, you will find the right permanent job position you have been dreaming. 


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