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 Most of us love movies. Stop and think for a second. Do you ever have the feeling that we are constantly deceived? We seem to crave the sweet escape or mental diversion we find with our favorite movies in cinemas. Hollywood on the other hand, continues to come up with re-makes after sequel. To add up to that these theater movies rob us with $8.50 each person. Unfortunately, it does not even cover yet the snacks or any treats we usually enjoy while enjoying the movie. So what do you think is the deal here? Do these producers have any plans to stop making the same movie year after year? Apparently, what we really need today is some genuine kind imagination in filmmaking, something worth the time and money, something original and never before seen movie ideas. 

How many times do you spend cash on theater movies every month? Once or twice each week or only when there is a special occasion? I personally do the theater movies routine whenever a nice horror movie comes out. For me, this is the kind of movie that should be watched on wide screen. The terror coming from the big screen plus the eerie music from the surround sound excites me so much. This is my kind of movie. I am not particular about the price of theater movies, but it just gotten very ridiculous recently. I cannot even figure out why they went up that high. Wait, I think I can! The price increased because they have the power to do so. People would not just give up on the movie theaters experience. We cannot help but want to see exciting flicks on wide screen. There is a different nostalgia about this experience. Moreover, the popcorn is good. Therefore, this is why they can just raise the price like that because people will still want to spend on it. We like watching movies on DVD, but there are some movies that you have to watch on the big screen. 

During my high school days, there was this certain number we had to call to get information about the current movies and their show times. However, nowadays, this is not the case anymore. You can now get the scoop on theater movies by visiting certain websites. You can just log on to the website of your local theater and find out the list of movies, the exact show times as well as the movie prices in just a few clicks. You can even view movie trailers as well as read movie reviews online. Some websites would give you all information you need and can be your guide to everything about movies from upcoming releases to movies in theaters and movies on DVD. However, to anyone who is craving theater movies, I suggest you go for movies for a lower cost of 6 bucks each person. Then, you would not have to deal very heavy crowds. You will enjoy the best seat and feel a great cinematic experience peacefully. 


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