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In a marketplace where competition is good, it becomes hard for consumers to make a decision which service to choose. New technologies offer a lot of ways for us to save money and other convenient ways to do things to make our lives more comfortable. In addition, everyone in the market is claiming that they are the best company there is. However, are we ready for these changes? A few years back when I needed to sign up a phone service, I chose a traditional phone company because that is what everybody was doing. It took me quite awhile to decide to try a better one and then I finally decide to get Time Warner Internet which allowed me to have three different things in my house in a single bill every month and helped me save a lot of money.  

The main reason why I switched to Time Warner was bad treatment from my old phone company. They are not that bad of a company in fact, I still have them for my mobile phone service. However, if we talk about residential phone they are horrible and disgusting. Time Warner Internet is so far the fastest internet anyone can get around my area. You can have the convenience of having your home phone plus your cable connection all at once, for an outstanding price. I was glad but at the same time, I was worried about this new innovation, the new cable telephone. After I decided to switch, my old phone company kept calling me to offer new deals. However, I was so contented and happy with Time Warner Internet. I even liked the other features they offered. 

Time Warner Internet has the best customer service. They have been very wonderful. They have always been honest, helpful and responsive to my concerns and questions about my subscription. I did not experience any downtime with my connection and in very rare instances, when the need arises; it usually fix it right away and will be running before you know it. I really think this is what every company should work hard to achieve. These companies should strive very hard to satisfy their customers’ needs. There is no such thing as a perfect company, but a very good one will reach for perfection anyway.  

I cannot always promote Time Warner Internet in each marketplace, but I would highly suggest them to anyone who is thinking of switching. Aside from the fact that you will save money, you will not have to spend extra for services that the phone company is charging. The Time Warner internet connection is always reliable. In addition, the company always seems to know what a real excellent customer service really is. I have been with the company for one and a half year and I would say that we are very happy and satisfied that we signed up with them and took the chance. The service I had with them has been nothing but wonderful. 


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