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Relatives who mean well have long decided that my little should have as much toys as she can. It has been like this for quite some time although I do manage to lower down the enthusiasm a bit at times. However, when my daughter turned into a toddler, it got worse. At one point, I tried to figure out a way to tell people to stop giving her toys. Books, clothing and some other educational things would be better, but they still preferred buying her toys. Due to this, she did not end up with any toddler toy that she could not live without. I cannot help thinking that maybe if her toys were limited, she would have used them more often. 

A good friend of mine said that it is because she has too many toys that it gets overwhelming for her to choose. I think she has a point. My daughter does have a few toddler toy favorites but she only notices them when I point them out or else she would only stare at her toddler toys and play with just a cardboard box. So I decided to pack up a few of them and behold, she suddenly took more interest in them. Although, I did not think I did enough because each of the remaining toddler toy was unmoved. At that time, I thought that the whole toy-giving concept was a waste of money but oddly enough, no one can seem to get my point. 

Parents ought to learn from my family’s mistakes in hopes of saving them money that they can put to better use. Always keep in mind that the quality of a toddler toy is in more ways important than the quantity. Choose a book, occasionally, and do not be afraid to call it a toddler toy because for children it is pretty much the same thing. Hearing stories is perfect for their age as they see it as play. This way, they will start viewing books in a good light and inevitably become readers for life. 

In choosing the right toddler toy, always consider the movement, color and music as these comprise the good things about a good toy. Kids tend to go with all of these and the best part it, they all have good purposes in enlightening them about the world. You may also want to consider getting them the classic toys which have stood the test of time such as trucks, dolls, action figures and building blocks. These allow them to identify with the world. It is not always good to have more in terms of toys but rather aim for toys of great quality and limiting them in order for your kids to get the most of their playtime. If you think that they have too much, consider giving them away. Instead of throwing the old toys in the trash, you should consider giving them to others. Give it to charity and they will give it to the children that need them. 


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