Know The Tools of The Trade

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 Do you ever wonder on how true the saying, “the grass is greener on the other side of the fence”? It always seems like despite how good we have it and how blessed we are with things. We often think that our neighbor, or relative or co-worker has it better. However, when you take the chance to listen to them, you will see that they are thinking the same way about someone else in their life. I do hope that being envious is not part of human nature but it appears to be just the case. 

Every profession has its own advantages, disadvantages and most importantly set of skills. It does not have to be a competition on who ever works the hardest or whose profession is more important or stressful. The point to keep in mind here is that people necessary for different job categories to ensure a well functioning society. In the profession we are in, we each have tools of the trade that are necessary to harness and apply to the different aspects of our society. For example, an attorney’s tools of the trade are the comprehension of the law along with the ability of defending an individual’s rights under the law. A doctor’s tools of the trade include knowledge on different diseases, procedures, medications and referral sources in order for them to be the best people to advice patients. As you may already know, these professions are the highest paid and most revered in our society. However, there are also people of certain jobs that bring the tools and skills to support the positions we value so much. 

A number of people tend to look down on people working for the service industry. What they fail to understand is that their meals in restaurants, stays in hotels, the cleanliness of their office spaces and the safety of the city streets would not be the possible without the individuals who are willing to labor in the service profession. Workers for the service industry have tools of the trade too, which makes them the gears that keep our society working in the best possible way. 

There is no knowledgeable and skillful doctor out there who will not find himself in a pickle without the help of the support staff that keeps the hospital clean and orderly. Even the most esteemed judges in the world would not be able to implement their decisions if the streets are full of garbage. All the tools of the trade needed for society to function. The fact here is that all of us depend on each other whether unconsciously or not to keep the society running. People should understand that no one gear in the machine or tools of the trade is more expendable or important than another. Therefore, whenever you think that what you are doing is more difficult or less desirable than others, remember to take a minute to learn the skills and the heavy stresses that person needs to handle everyday just to survive in his job. If we all do this, we will realize that the grass on the other side is not that green. 


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