Why Are we Talking About Donald Trump?

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Is it not enough for Donald Trump to be a successful businessman?  Is his career in real estate a “jump off” for his true political ambitions?  Or has Donald Trump simply audacious enough to remind us of why we love people who have a personality that is larger than life?  For years we were entertained by the megalomania that was associated with personalties like Jay-Z, Tupac, Biggie, Diddy (of P Diddy, or Puff Daddy, or whatever he is these days), or even Kanye West.  These days no one seems to care about the larger than life personalities of musicians, and no one is putting them on a pedestal.  It also seems as if music is irrelevant.

Sure you have the occasional commentary about Lady Gaga, and Britney Spears had a good year and is teaming up with Nicki Minaj, which doesn’t surprise me at all.  Lindsey Lohan was interesting, but she has become so predictable there is absolutely nothing to talk about.  So now we have to look at politics, because thanks to Barack Obama and George W. Bush, politicians are the newest pop stars you love to hate.  Sure there are always those that loved to hate politicians, and they could attribute the movement back to Bill Clinton or go all the way back to John F. Kennedy but in those days things were different.  Your concern for those politicians was not an obsession about their own celebrity, it was because you felt that they were sincere about trying to govern the country.

George W. Bush was an accidental celebrity; his callousness, what had always been translated as calculated indifference and unapologetic nature made him someone that you loved to hate.  You can say what you want about George W. Bush no one is going to forget about him any time soon.  Anytime you can throw a shoe at a President, and he gets a kick out of it, as much as you may want to hate the man it is hard to hold a grudge against him.  So we thought that we would vote in someone that was a profound thinker, someone that was going to change the world.  We looked at Barack Obama and felt that he would be a Black John F. Kennedy.  Barack Obama is a thinker, but he isn’t the candidate that we thought that we were voting for.  It almost seems as though he thinks too much, or that his actions are not as profound as the thoughts and opinions on the issues that plague this nation.

So we need someone else to hate.  Pop culture is boring, and I am almost about to fall asleep I can barely sit up straight in my chair.  Along comes Donald Trump who I thought was perfectly content with firing people on The Apprentice.  He wants to change the country, run it like a business, and be remembered for turning around America the way that Giuliani and Bloomberg turned around New York; as if it were that simple.  Their way of doing things involved turning New York into a family friendly town and employing corporations like The Walt Disney Company to clean up the town.  There are a lot of similarities between Donald Trump and Barack Obama; both talked a good game and both have a bold vision and talk about the obvious and oversimplify the change that is needed in America.

No one wants to talk about why nothing is as it seems in this country, and why no one ever does the obvious.  People know what should be done, but there isn’t any money in solving the problems of America; the money is in perpetrating the problems that plague this country.  If everyone were honest and conducted business in a true “Christian” like manner; not your radical Christian Right rhetoric not your evangelical fun and games but sticking with the simple principles that are outlined in the bible everyone would have what they need and no one would have what they want.  Our greed is insatiable, and dependent upon creating problems that do not exist, and then finding solutions to those problems (all the while creating yet another set of problems) and people get paid ten times as much as they would if those problems never existed to begin with.

But that is a familiar conversation that no one wants to have.  At the same time, it is the ugly truth that everyone knows.  So then you end up with intellectuals like Barack Obama, and straight shooters like Donald Trump, in the White House that are supposed to solve our problems, and they never do because they system they are trying to reform does not want to change.  Their enemies are not of flesh and blood, but of principalities in high places, and it almost takes them their entire term to do one simple thing, and nothing revolutionary happens at all.  The people get what they want, and then they get greedy again and they vote in someone that is going to repeal everything and the cycle starts all over again.

Donald Trump is supposed to be this hard working patriot that pulled himself up by his own bootstraps and took over his old man’s company and brought it into the new era.  But his own flamboyance, opulence and narcissism is part of what has destroyed this country to begin with.  Will everyone be living within their means; or just the poor and the middle class?  Is Donald Trump strong enough to keep his rich friends in check, or will he hand over the kitchen sink just like every other politician has done for as long as I can remember?  Does anyone really remember the last time a politician truly did anything to hurt the rich?  When is the last time a politician created an environment in which the rich had to play fair for a change?

When I think about Donald Trump; I think of a shrewd businessman that likes to wear $500 Brioni shirts and $3,000 suits that flies around in a jet, pampers his woman with more money than most of us will ever see in a lifetime and has to live in the penthouse wherever he goes.  I think of a hustler that just happens to be in real estate, but would take the shirt off of your back, and you never realized what just happened.  In fact you may actually think that you have one of his $500 shirts, and that the cheap shirt on your own back is of no consequence.  I think of the smartest guy in the room to have received his doctoral degree off of the hard streets of New York, outsmarting the smartest guy in the room to have graduated from one of the top schools in the country.

It would be entertaining to have Donald Trump as a President; but then again the Presidency always has been entertaining for as long as I can remember.  But I doubt if Donald Trump could keep his own ego in check for long.  He just seems like someone that would walk off of the job if he could make a few million dollars in doing so; a polarizing figure that would be like Sarah Palin but inspire a different type of confidence in his constituents yet could easily leave them hanging and give an explanation worth taking into consideration while he was packing his suitcase.  I do not think that Donald Trump has the humility that it takes to be the servant that a President often has to be in order to get what they want.  He could be a modern day Richard Nixon if he wanted to be; but I don’t know if that is what we need at this time in America.

But what do I know?  Either Barack Obama is going to win our hearts again, or he has played his last card and is hoping that the G.O.P. does not have anyone that is good enough or charismatic enough to truly challenge him.  In any event it will be an entertaining campaign, and one that we will all be fixated on, regardless of what we think of him …


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