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 When I was still a young boy, I truly fancied my toy bin.lot. It is really strange that I loved it more than any of my other toys. Come to think of it, I liked my toy bin better when it only served as a container for my toys for safekeeping. Its design was that of a huge elephant and it was made up of plastic with bright colors. I think of my toy bin as something that has life that I even spent times talking to it as if it was really listening to me. My toy bin was like my best friend. If truth be told, I even gave it a name and I think it was something like Daffy or Duffy. 

As time went by, I got older and so my toys were changing. It was cool to grow older, because I get to have newer and nicer toys, but the saddest part of growing up was that I had to let go of my toy bin. My mom really was the one who made me do it. My mom’s reason for getting rid of my favorite toy bin was that it was too small already for my new and big toys and also that, I had a large collection of toys so the toy bin was not appropriate anymore. 

Though another reason that my mom had was that I was tearing my toys apart, she even thought that I had a personality disorder that has something to do with aggression. But, for me, I was just like any other happy and normal child. Eventually, as things turned out, I already needed a toy organizer. A toy organizer was just the right thing for my toys at that time. The toys around was just so messy. Compared to a toy bin in which I just throw away my toys, with the toy organizer, I have to put my stuffs neatly on the shelf. My room will be neat in no time. 

Honestly, I never really liked those toy organizers that my mom introduced to me, but I do not really know why my mom had her own ways in convincing me to use a toy organizer. So then and there, she got me a customized toy organizer. It was merely a toy organizer that served its purpose to organize my toys; it was also a stationary animation of a clown’s face. The organizer was a dresser itself. In addition to, it was designed to have animals on top of the clown’s face. Indeed, it was artistically made. 

The clown toy organizer was of course bigger than my old toy bin and so it accommodated all my toys and other stuffs. It did not only aid in the cleaning up of the mess, but it also signified that I was growing up from being a boy, and so I happily accepted the truth. Gradually, I got used to the new clown organizer, and I started to like it then. 


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