Trade Show Display

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Small high-tech firms or the big high-tech firms, all the same, they each have their own advantages and disadvantages. Advantages could imply that there is a working group of intelligent individuals who bring prosperity to the firm. There are those beneficial human resources who make a hit on the products of the firm in the market. Moreover, having an environment in which there is no bias is an ideal one. Having a working atmosphere that has no specific corporate culture or whatsoever stigma will surely aid in the development of successful working relationships among the corporate workers all the way. 

Now, speaking of the disadvantages, some firms of such sizes are falling apart because of a destructive culture that has been put into the working conditions. It is so much of a hindrance to the success of the firms, because it can actually out a huge impact on the traits and behaviors of the workers. Thus, their performances are inclined to what they believe is the right thing to do, instead of doing the things that are right for the company itself. Furthermore, some of the other firms break down because they have overlooked the simple and yet significant things that would have probably brought in triumph to the company. 

With the same scenario with that of my company in the past, our own plans and designs for our trade show displays almost put us into the brink of falling down. As in like, we thought that the ideas and efforts we have made for the trade show display would make our profits high. Sadly, our products did not catch the attention of the buyers, and we did not even know why. How badly informed we were of the strategies that would ignite the spark of magic that was lacking in our trade show display. The spark that we were looking for six months ago was nowhere to be found in the minds of the people concerned. How did that ever happen? We were supposed to see what went wrong with our own company. 

What happened on our trade show display? Well, we showed off our products so well that we included brief and informative descriptions about them. We felt we were doomed in the trade show display because the booths of the other companies have a number of customers looking at and purchasing their products. We thought that word-of-the-mouth would help us get the interest of the customers, but no; nothing actually happened. So we thought that there should really be something that had to be done. 

At that moment, my good friend and longtime business partner named John gave us an idea that we all thought was foolish. But on the other hand, John’s idea was a hit. As intelligent as he is, he modified the designs of our trade show display and there it was, on the following convention, our products just went off their racks! It was really a blast to have our products on the must-have list of the customers. 


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