Treatment of Anxiety

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For twenty years, I have been working as a social worker to different government agencies and I have been dealing with many people with different issues. I have been to different sorts of special trainings in working with several families together with their children. There are times that I am being transferred to deal with the elderly and mentally ill adults due to staffing purposes. Sometimes, it makes me feel frustrated knowing that I still have to adjust again to the new area I am being assigned to. On the other hand, it also helps me recognize many different realities including several disorders and some available services. Basically, you just need to find the services that would address the people’s needs no matter what their disabilities are.  

Today, one of the most common disorders among people is anxiety. Everyone experiences anxiety in different kinds of situation. For most people, anxiety fades away when the problem is over however, for some who has generalized anxiety, this is not the case. Individuals who experience anxiety need to be checked by a professional so that an exact treatment of anxiety will be given to the person affected. This method can be completed effectively in a couple of ways.  

For some individuals, the treatment of anxiety needs to start with the individual counseling. The person affected is given a chance to talk about the different situations that leads him or her to be anxious. This is also the best time for the therapist to assess what medication should be given to the person as a treatment of anxiety. As people improve with the treatment of anxiety from individual counseling, they can be moved into a group counseling session. For people dealing with anxiety, conversations and interactions in a group setting is their greatest common fear. In this method, the individual is allowed to be in a group where they can share their experiences on their anxiety encounter. Being able to deal with this fear can be very helpful in the treatment of anxiety. 

For people who are afraid of going out in public due because of their fear, the treatment of anxiety may have to start with the therapist visiting the home of the person affected. This type of anxiety level is considered to be very intense that it can become paralyzing to the person affected. They may also develop physical symptoms and their heart rate and breathing may also be affected. Anxiety could also develop ulcers. A lot of people who experience severe anxiety attacks are usually rushed to the hospital since almost all of the people think that the person is experiencing heart attack. 

Anxiety can attack any person and it can also develop to all ages during the person’s development. Most of the time, when anxiety develops in adults, it is followed by some kind of trauma. This is referred to as post traumatic stress disorder. This type of disorder is quite complicated and takes a different method than dealing with the treatment of anxiety. For military men, anxiety is one of the many complicated symptoms. There are a lot of military members who develop post traumatic stress disorder as an effect to overexposure to a lot of intense military action. 


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