How to Keep Your Feet Soft And Moisturized

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Follow these tips and you’ll surely lead to bold and better results.

1.       Use heal cleaner or simply soap to apply on your feet to remove that unwanted layer of dead cells.

2.       Pedicure at home once a week.

3.       Fill a tub with warm water and shampoo. Dip your feet in it for 15 min, wash them with cold water and then apply any suitable cream.

4.       Be cautious and aware while buying sandals, they must be of appropriate size and shape so that your feet need not bear any unwanted extra weight.

5.       Prevent yourself from wearing high heels for a longer time.

6.       To moisturize your feet, apply rose water then cream.

7.       Apply sandal wood lotion once a week.

8.       To remove wrinkles stretch your feet forward then rotate it with the help of your fingers.

9.       Apply mustard oil on your feet after taking bath, it will soften them.

10.   If there is bacterial growth between fingers of your feet then mix any antibacterial solution in warm water, then dip your feet in it for 20 min.

11.   Take care while washing your socks, don’t let soapy matter coagulate in it, it increases bacterial growth.

12.   Wear cotton socks in rainy season, stay away from nylon ones.

13.   To maintain blood flow, dip your 10 times in cold and warm water each alternately. It will decrease stiffness.

14.   Don’t wear enclosed shoes in rainy season, wear open sandals.

15.   To make your feet soft and shiny, massage them with honey. Though it feels awkward yet it works.

16.   If you yet want to stay away from honey method, then mix glycerin, almond oil and lemon drops in milk, and then massage your feet with it. 

17.   Add turmeric powder to a papaya and massage with it. Cracks will be healed.

18.   Add crushed almond, common salt and rice powder to water and massage with it to soften your heels.

19.   To remove dirt, add vinegar and common salt to warm water and dip your feet in it.

20.   Apply any Petroleum Jelly to cracked heels.

Few of the above methods were creepy old granny methods, but we are pretty sure that they’d work and benefit your feet.

Don’t panic, stay aware, stay cautious and be healthy. Hope you find this article informative.

An Article By: HappyChappy And SumoPunk.

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