Under Cabinet Bread Box

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 My tub and shower faucet broke yesterday and I had to replace them. Have you ever noticed that equipment failure always seem to happen when it least convenient? I was taking a quick shower and had to setup a dinner party in less than an hour. I also had a lot of work to finish up. I would have been ready in time, but disaster struck. The tub and shower faucet broke. Water was all over the bathroom! When I tried to turn the water off using the emergency valve, but it did not work. My bathroom was about to flood, so I went downstairs and turned the main valve off. It solved the flooding problem, but it also turned off the water in other rooms. More than half of the house did not have any water. I could not leave the house with no water because my guests were about to arrive. I needed fix the tub and shower faucet fast!  

I told my daughter to buy a tub and shower faucet. If there was someone who could find something fast, it was my daughter. Once I got the replacement tub and shower faucet, I started fixing everything up. When I was done, I turned the water back on. Having to tell me guest to use the bathroom upstairs is very embarrassing, especially if you have one downstairs. 

At the end of the day, everything tuned out okay. The tub and shower faucet in the bathroom was very old. It has been there for a couple of years now, but I never thought it would break anytime soon. When I checked online, I found out that there were already numerous advancements in plumbing. Water saving faucets is a good example. I thought a dripping faucet was something that was a normal thing. I was wrong to think that a tub and shower faucet is something you replace whenever it gets broken. This experience gave me a wider perspective when it comes to indoor plumbing.  

I never planned to buy water saving tub and shower faucet, but it was what my daughter picked out. It had smaller holes in it, which means you get a stronger spray while saving water. Ever since I replaced them, my water bill been reduced to almost half. I never thought something as simple as a faucet can save hundreds of dollars. We were able to fix the problem in time and the party was a success.  

You should not wait until your tub and shower faucet breaks. Fix it before it becomes a problem. If you do not, it might break sometime in the future. It might happen when you are in a hurry. Improving the plumbing in the house will save you hundreds of dollars from your water bills. You can even try out the new kinds of tub and shower faucets. Do not make the same mistake and do something as soon as you can. I can now enjoy a long shower without worrying about the water bill. 


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