Unwanted Pregnancies

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Children are wonderful gifts to people’s lives. Whether you wish to have a few kids of your own or not, it is definitely up to you. This type of statement can be translated and understood in many different ways. Obviously, you can really make a choice of your own regarding marriage and children at some point in your life. But what if an unwanted pregnancy happens? This is again where you test your decision making process. You have a very big decision to make. You can decide whether you are going to give birth to the baby and nurture him or her like a mother. You can also choose  to abandon the kid through abortion. In America, this type of decision is completely up to you. However, studies show that unwanted pregnancies usually end up with abortion. This is a very sad reality since victims include innocent children. According to statistics, approximately seventy five million unwanted pregnancies take place each year that includes the entire population in the world.  

What if each and every one of these unwanted pregnancies just resulted in natural birth, but only a very tiny portion of the parents kept the kids? What happens to the other kids? Where do they go? Are they going to be adopted? Unfortunately, a lot of people do not consider this point of view in unwanted pregnancies. So, who will really be able to take care of these children. Most probably foster parents who could care less about the kid’s well-being, but just want to get their hands on a monthly check from the government. This happens very often. This may sound strange like a horrifying scenario from a movie but it is very true. Just recently, I was able to watch the local news about some foster parents. I saw that the two foster parents locked a young boy in their closet and just went off on a trip. Sadly, the innocent boy passed away. Can you tell me what kind of foster parents would do such very terrible thing? This is a very depressing fact these days. 

A common solution to a lot of unwanted pregnancies is abortion. Before I proceed, I just want to be clear that I am not completely supporting abortion. However, I believe there is a point when abortion is the most practical alternative for a parent. For example, if a girl is raped, we cannot expect her to carry around the kid of her rapist! That would definitely be ridiculous. There are a couple of unwanted pregnancies like this every year. This is why pregnancy together with abortion is such sensitive topics. It is not according to ordinary expectations of the people. That is why there is a lot of dilemma in there. People talk about morals and ethics. Who should be blamed?  

The solution here is proper education. You can inform your loved ones about safe sex practices. You can talk to them about the realities happening in the society. This approach would even be healthy for families and would also stop or maybe just lessen the possibilities of unwanted pregnancies. Do not forget to remind everyone that abstinence is still the safest option in this kind of situation. You are held liable for your own actions so better decide what is good and what is right. It is up to you. 


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