What I'm Wearing; Leather, Luxurious Cotton, And Wool

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You should be happy to know that Chris has finally ditched the metrosexual look!  For those under 25 who do not know what that is, think overpriced bourgeois European fashion labels and their low rent American counterparts.  Think wearing a lot of black, monochromatic looks, and minimalism.  That look was never me and I was fronting trying to be someone that I am not.  I thought it was fashion forward, but now I understand why a lot of labels refuse to be defined on such terms and while other labels have niche brands to promote such a look but such an image is a very small part of what they do.

Much of that era was a vain attempt at redefining masculinity that failed miserably.  It worked for a lot of pretty boys that wanted to find a new way to be sexy but did not work for the rest of us.  When they tried it they looked great, when we tried it; the balancing act between what was fashion and what was feminine was exhausting.  Dark masculine colors were safe but boring, bright, pastel colors were fun but if the designs were not executed in the right way one really did not know what they were doing.  It was a confusing time; at least in the eighties it was okay to dress and look like a woman if you were a musician but in the last decade the sentiment had changed and you just looked like a girl.

You will probably find me wearing a pair of Clarks center seam boots.  I really like their Desert Trek boots; they don’t feel like boots, they are rugged but they aren’t cliche.  Too many people are wearing Timberlands twenty years after the fact.  The pair I have are in Beeswax.  I found a pair at a thrift store for ten dollars and was intrigued; for all intensive purposes they are filthy but they reminded me so much of an ugly pair of Doc Martins I had been looking for I figured I just had to jump in.  As ugly as these shoes are if your pants are long enough all you see is the center seam and the sole and you never see the top of the shoe, and it looks great.

I also like designer shirts that do not have the label on them.  I found a great Polo Ralph Lauren shirt for five dollars, and it actually rekindled my relationship with Polo Ralph Lauren that is obscure and hard to find.  A lot of people think that the nineties was a terrible time for Polo because the company was just throwing thousands of shirts out there every year and they seemed to have found a nice formula.  Clearly the company was more aggressive at pushing new designs than they were in the seventies and eighties.  But a lot of shirts, even though they can be considered as mainstream under the Ralph Lauren umbrella still hold up over time against other shirts from other manufacturers.

To me the key is avoiding the signature Polo Ralph Lauren items; the windbreaker, the cute pique polo shirts with the horse on them (to show bumbling idiots what colors they can match with the item), and the khakis.  Polo Ralph Lauren just looks better when the logos are missing and people actually have to guess at what you’re wearing.

The direction that I am moving in is familiar, but I would like to find a way to do so with brands that are not as familiar.  Brands that no one is intimately familiar with, and that is hard to do around here.  I do not want the same brands I exploited for well over a decade the last time around.  I did find some cool LRG jeans though; they seemed cliche at the time but as I wear them they improve with age, they look heavy but they do not feel heavy.  I was never a fan of heavy materials or cheap cotton; if you are going to wear jeans you should go all out and get the most bang for your buck.  You have to do your research though, because a lot of these jokers have big names but they aren’t offering you anything.  I am curious about Levi’s though; some of their jeans appear to offer for $45 what some other companies are charging several hundred dollars for.  Someone else should know something about it because I still see men wearing $70 jeans and the quality is just awful.  I never paid more than $25 for a pair of jeans I just do not understand it.

That pretty much sums it up; natural materials again and I put the polyester and that artificial look away.  Still finding myself in a thrift store to see if there are any raw materials worth purchasing but at the same time keeping an eye on discount stores and the stores at the mall to see if things have really changed.  I am too old to do what the younger kids are doing, and to be honest I do not get a lot of what they are doing either but I remember that when I was their age people looked at what was popular then in the exact same way.  For some reason I thought that the generational gap would end with my generation; how naive I was …


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