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What is Typhoid?

Typhoid is a common disease caused by consuming contaminated food and water. It is spread by a kind of bacteria known as salmonella enterica. It’s dangerous because this bacterium grows best growth at 98.6 F i.e. body temperature.

It can also be termed as slow fever, nervous fever, pathogenic fever, gastric fever or abdominal fever. But its common name Typhoid was derived from the word Typhoon. Typhoons resulted in contaminated food and water which were the perfect breeding ground for typhoid.

History of Typhoid…

One third of the population of Athens along with their leader Pericles were swiped off around 430 – 424 B.C. due to a plague, believed to be typhoid. Historian Thucydides also suffered from Typhoid but he survived enough long to write about it. His writing’s were a great help to today’s scientist. This disease kept on destroying human life. In 1607 – 1624 , 6000 settlers died of typhoid in James town, Virginia. 81,360 union soldiers died during American Civil War. In 1907 a cook named Mary Malon was accused to 3 deaths and 53 cases in New York. She was detained and quarantined, her gall bladder was removed and she left her job. She died of Pneumonia after 26 years.

Suspected to be the cause of typhoid, a bacterium was confirmed by Joseph Eberth in 1884 by pathologist George Theodor. The bacterium was named as Eberth’s bacillus. Today its known by its scientific name Salmonella Enterica Enterica (yes two times enterica). In 1897 Almroth Edward developed an effective vaccine for it and in 1909 first vaccination program was held in which an entire army was immunized. Today the estimate of typhoid is around 5 people out of 1000000 people per year.


World’s current population is 7,000,000,000 (7 billion) today that means yet there are 35000 people in the world suffer and if you are one of them you must know its symptoms.

First Stage Symptoms :

–          Slowly rise in temperature.

–          Headaches.

–          Cold and cough.

–          Bleeding nose and abdominal pain.

–          Decrease in W.B.C.

Second Stage Symptoms :

–          High fever about 40’C (i.e. 104’F)

–          Along with a dichotic pulse wave.

–          Delirium, making you nervous.

–          Rose colored spots on abdomen and lower chest.

–          Diarrhea can occur.

–          Blood cultures are rarely positive.

Third Stage Symptoms

–          Intestinal hemorrhage due to bleeding in congested patches. It’s serious yet isn’t fatal.

–          There is intestinal perforation in the distal bum.

–          Neuropsychiatric symptoms i.e. picking at bed clothes  or imaginary things.

–          Dehydration.

–          At the end of the week fever decreases.

Fourth Stage Symptoms

You Die… So, read on to find the treatment.

Prevention is better than cure.

Take care of proper hygiene and sanitation. Typhoid spreads only in humans so stay with your pets. It spreads on places where human food are in contact so wash your hands. Ty 2 la and typhoid polysaccharide are two vaccines available today. They are recommended to travelers and are 50 – 80 % effective.


Even if you are suffering from typhoid don’t panic, have a fluoro quinolone as cipro floxacin or cefotaxime. Both of them are oral and suitable. Typhoid can also by cured using Ampicillin, trimethoprimsulphamethoxazole ! and Amoxcillin.

If typhoid’s not treated it lasts for 2 week to a month. Death occurs in 47% of untreated cases. Consult a doctor if you need more help. Hope you found this article informative. Don’t panic Stay aware, stay conscious, be healthy.

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