Color Model Plays an Important Role in Printing Industry

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What Color Model? Color model is a representation of colors in mathematical term. Usually these color models are composed of three or four color values.  For Example a color red in CMYK coloy Mode is made up of the following Colors C-0; M-100; Y-100; K-0;

There are five major type of  Color Models, RGB, CMYK, YIZ, HIS, and HSV, but only two are very popular color modes the RGB and the CMYK.

RGB is made up of three colors, they are the Red, Green and Blue. It is called Additive type of color model.  RGB colors are usually used in display monitors. Colors were result from transmitted light Red+Green+Blue = White.  It uses light to display color on a monitor or display screens.

CMYK was made up of four colors, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. It is also called a subtractive color models. It is usually user in printing. It uses inks to display color. Its equation is something like this, Cyan+Magneta+Yellow=Black.

RGB color mode is moor brighter compare to the CMYK colors. So if  you are a graphic artist or a layout artist and you are making design for a printing job make sure that you are using CMYK color mode.

Offset Printing uses CMYK color modes. Offset printing needs a files called a color separation. In color separion the Fours Colors, Cyan – Magenta – Yellow – and Black were separated based on its value. When Color separation file were setup on your offset printer it printer the colors one by one until it finished and the actual image was formed.

Large Format Printers also uses CMYK color modes in printing. Desktop Inkjet printer also use CMYK color models of inks. In graphic software’s like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and CorelDraw you can control the color values of a certain object and customized it in what color you desired. In order to control the color of the object yiou must adjust the color components value, for example CMYK colors, you need a light red, if the value of 100% red is C-0, M-100; Y-100 ; K-0, you need to reduce the value of magneta in order to make a color light red.


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