Other Side of Social Networking

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As human beings are innately social, the use of social networking is but a normal thing no matter what profession you are in. Before, most of the socializing are done at the produce section of a grocery store and at a local bar during happy hour. For some, their social networking is done at church wherein they get to organize events and activities that aim to get people together. Key elements to a successful networking are to meet people and strike up a conversation with them. Today, social networking can be easily done online, but it always begs the question, “Is it as good as when you’re communicating in person?”

If there is one word that describes the disadvantage of online social networking, it would be, impersonal. Here, you talk to people through computers and only have their pictures to give you an idea of what they look like. You also have to deal with always wondering if the information they give out is true or not. Despite this, though, many still create meaningful relationships online or meet their better half. Often, the people involve follow a common pattern, they meet online and then gradually exchange more personal information such as phone numbers and finally meet in person. I always think that it is ridiculous to casually give out information to someone just because he or she is a “friend” on my social networking site. It is possible for me to do that, though, if we indeed have a strong social connection.

Some people use social networking sites for work purposes in which case it is very important to think about the things you want to put on your page. More often than not, potential employers use these social networking sites to take a look at your background before they can decide to either hire you or not. Posting pictures of you in wild parties and doing very questionable activities on your page can very well be the end of your application to that perfect job. Always keep in mind that in online social networking, practically nothing is private.

There really is nothing wrong with conducting social networking online but you need to make sure that you do it personally as well. Too much socializing online can make you lose touch with your community and honestly, I am a bit guilty of that. It is always great to get online and see that you have countless contacts to communicate with but it is even a lot better knowing you have people to communicate with when you go out of your home. These people can help you when you need suppport the most which is the one thing that online contacts will have difficulty in doing. You may find it as a big relief to turn off the computer and make friends the way we  used to do it before the online social networking started. Who knows, you may find people who have lost touch with society and is now looking for friends to balance out their lives. 


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