Snow Removal

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It seems odd that it is already the middle of the first month of the year but I have yet to deal with removing snow outside our house. So far, what we have only been getting is a mere trace of snow all over town. It’s been quite warm since the year started and most of us are scratching our heads, wondering what exactly is going on with our weather. Despite this, though, I have a strong feeling that a monster snow storm or two will hit us before the winter ends.

When the snow storm finally comes around, the snow removal methods we use have always been same, tried and tested, at least in our home. We keep a shovel conveniently outside the house and just the right amount supply of rock salt we store in the garage. When heavy snow starts, we make sure to take time to go out and clear off our sidewalk every few hours. It may seem like a waste of time since the snow will continue to fall, but doing this method saves us from having to go through heavy snow removal after the storm passes. When you really think about it, shoveling only a few inches of snow at a time is just far easier for your body that dealing with a foot, perhaps even more, all in one day. 

For snow removal in our streets, we have certain rules we need to follow. The case may be the same if you live in either a town or a city. The specifics may be different but, in general, the snow removal rules are implemented for the town or city’s convenience. For example, when it’s time for snow removal, it is important to make sure that the cars are all parked on only one side of the street. You see, if the cars are on each side of the street, removing the snow will be almost impossible to do. An even and odd parking rule in your area is also implemented because of the same reason. Keep in mind to always be careful when removing snow from your vehicle so as not to sweep the snow onto the newly plowed street.

Snow removal can be a big problem when the snow gets really bad. Buffalo city knows this fact, first hand. They always experience heavy snow in their area so for the past years, they have been thinking of a lot of unique but doable solutions in snow removal. Since the city is situated right near Lake Erie, it is inevitable that they have to deal with unbelievably heavy snow on most occassions even when the rest of the New York city state is clear. There was this one year when they unfortunately got burried under 6 feet of snow in just a couple of days. The only way they could remove that much of snow was to dump it in Lake Erie as there was no other place that can accommodate all that snow. 


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