Smoke Detector

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It is important to place a smoke detector in the right location. You have to plan where you install it. Most houses have a couple of them just in case the fire originate from another location. Even if you live in a small place, you have to have atleast two smoke detectors. Having a smoke detector in every room is becuase it makes sure that you will be warned if there is a fire. Install a smoke detector in each room just to make sure. Fire can start anywhere and installing a smoke detector is your first line of defense. Thinking about your house on fire is not something you want to imagine, but being practical is what we are talking about here. If you are installing a smoke detector, make sure to place them in a good place. A good place is somewhere that enable it to detect the fire and you will be able to hear the sound of the alarm.

Each bedroom should have a smoke detector. It should be placed up on the wall. Smoke usually rise goes up and that is why the best place for a smoke detector is somewhere elvated. As the saying goes “where there is some, there is fire.” Having atleast one fire extinguisher in your place in also necessary. If you have a two storey house, make sure to have one fire extinguisher in each floor. Having to go down or up to look for it is something that you never want to do. A fire can spread very fast. By the time you come back, it might be too late. Also make sure that you check the fire extenguisher regularly. A busted fire extinguisher is useless and your worst nightmare in the event of a fire. 

People usually unplug or remove the smoke detector located in the kitchen. They can be troublesome especially if you cook a lot. However, if you have a smoky kitchen, never permanently remove it . You just unplug it, but always remember to turn it back on once the smoke clears. It can be a pain having to turn them on and off, but it is your safest option. Fires usually start from kitchens. Remember, your kitchen have very flamable and combustable materials. A smoke detector in the kitchen is necessary to keep the house safe. It can be troublesome, but it is practical. 

A smoke detector needs very little maintenance. You have to remember that they are battery powered. It is advisable to check the batteries periodically and make sure they are working. This is usually done atleast twice a year. However, there are some that have a lithium battery sold with it. The lithium battery should last for about seven to ten years. You can replace your smoke detectors every ten years, which its the usual lifespan. Also make sure to test the them atleast once a year. They are your first line of defense, so take time to check on them.They cannot help you if they do not work in the first place. 


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