Shower Doors

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When I was in college, I worked for a maid service. The work was very tiring, but there are things that would make it worse. Cleaning glass shower doors was very daunting task for all of us because it will take eternity to clean them. We could clean a large room in just an hour, but when it come to dirty shower doors, we will end up cleaning for another hour or so. Most of them are hard to clean due hard water or neglect. However, there are some that would come out looking like new.

The problem was, only a handful of shower doors were well cleaned and most of them were in terrible shape because of hard water. We could not even use anything that the homeowner did not instruct us to use. Most of the time I would soak the shower doors and finish my other tasks. After all my other tasks were done, I would go back to cleaning the shower doors. Most of the dirt will come off, but there is always something left. When you clean a shower, you cannot just leave anything there. It should look sparkling clean. You would also need to clean slide rail if there is one. The faucet should also be taken cared for.

One of my best tools is the Comet. It makes scrubbing an easy task, but scrubbing every inch of the shower door is still very tendious work. After making sure that the shower door is sparkling clean, I would wipe them down. After, I would use some glass cleaner to just to make no traces of the Comet will be left. The glass cleaner will also give the shower doors a little shine. Shower doors only needs this kind of treatment once, but if you leave it unchecked, you might be doing this every two or three months. 

Have you tried cleaning  dirty shower doors? If you have, I know you would agree with me on this. They are just simply very difficult to clean. They seem to be a magnet for all kinds of soap, calcium deposits, and scum. If you want your shower doors to be sparkling clean again, I recommend you try using the Comet. I have personally tried this at home, it simply does wonders. The Comet is a soft, non-abrasive cleaner that is perfect for any shower door. You do not have to worry about scratching the glass or removing the finish from the metal. The best way to use the Comet is to spray it on the glass and leave it for fifteen to thirty minutes. Once you come back, you can easily wipe off most of the stain. You only need to do very little scrubbing to make your shower door shiny and clean again. Any debris can we cleaned if you have the right tools for it. In our case, I would highly recomment the Comet when cleaning your shower doors. Get that sparkling clean you ever wanted now!


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