Unleashing The Kisser Within

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If you’ve kissed a lot of people in your life, then you’ve probably encountered someone who left you almost breathless and wanting for more. You’ve likely dated somebody in the past or present that kissed you so deeply that you almost passed out.

Some people seem to have a knack for the art of kissing. Wouldn’t it be nice to be just like these best kissers? Well, you can in fact become a good kisser yourself. All you have to do is to unleash the kisser within you.

Becoming a great kisser means learning and appreciating the fine art of kissing. Kissing itself is an art which requires some level of mastery and understanding. Just as a poem depends on a poet’s brilliance to bring out beauty from an otherwise meaningless string of words, a kiss relies on the kissers’ finesse to achieve its fullest effect. A good kisser understands the finer subtleties of kissing just as a painter pays attention even to the smallest details in a masterpiece. If you’re aiming to become a good kisser, then you might find the following points very interesting.

Each one of us has an inherent ability at kissing waiting to be developed. Learning the fine art of kissing allows you to tap into the natural kisser inside you.  You must first know the important concepts of good kissing then put it into practice.

A key aspect of good kissing is to consider the elements that come prior to the actual kiss. Chief among these is timing. Just like everything else in life, timing is crucial for a great kiss. There’s no secret formula in finding or inducing the “right” time. Instead, a good kisser just tends to be in the moment with his/her partner rather than becoming too preoccupied with timing. Equally important with timing is the mood. Good kissers always feel and make their partner feel relaxed and comfortable. In relation to this, an appropriate venue for kissing also helps maintain the right mood.

A great kiss is one which flows and transitions smoothly from one portion to the next. Kissing or making out can involve a series of phases each with its own pace and intensity. At the start of a make-out session, a good kisser focuses on initiating or sustaining the kissing process. Usually, this is done by leaning toward the partner until their lips touch. Initial contact should be light and gentle. Moreover, a good kisser takes caution in using tongue action. He or she provides ample opportunities for breathing without ruining the mood.

Accomplished practitioners of the fine art of kissing also make use of a variety of kissing techniques to satisfy their partner’s desires. In addition, physical features such as plump lips in women enhance kissing experience. You can unleash the kisser within you by practicing these methods and always considering what your partner wants.


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