Talking Dolls

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I am sure you’re familiar with those talking dolls that had been around for quite some time now—ever since I was a little kid, actually. Back in those days, what people often buy are talking Barbie dolls for the girls and G.I. Joes for the boys. These talking dolls would only have very few things to say and if I remember them correctly, the Barbie dolls would say, “let’s go shopping” while the talking G.I. Joes would say, “Cobras dead ahead!” and “Go Joe!”. You would always find that all are too familiar with the single button at the back of the talking dolls that kids push in order to get them to speak. Unfortunately, their sound quality was very poor and there was always that frustration that you cannot choose what phrase they will say and when.

Going way back, their ancestors would be the talking dolls that have a pull string on the same location—at the back. During this time, every kid had owned at least one of these dolls at one time in their lives. Now, I haven’t really figured out how these dolls talk but I guess it involved having a spring inside. As you pull down the spring and it slowly winds back into the toy’s body, the doll will say a single, simple phrase.

Nowadays, the talking toys are far more complex and sophisticated compared to the ones created decades ago. Because of the advancements in computer technology, the talking dolls now have a surprisingly wide range of words. Recently, my niece bought this talking baby doll that completely blew my mind. What it does is tell you that it’s hungry and you can actually feed it with real food! I’m not sure what happened to the real food after my niece placed it inside the plastic doll’s mouth because I didn’t stick around long enough to see but it is amazing how close it is to reality. Often, I imagine taking apart just one of these talking dolls just to see the technology inside and how it works.

In my childhood years, talking dolls were basically almost the same. There were not as many varieties of talking toys then unlike what we have nowadays. If you really think about it, video games can be considered as a type of talking toy. Most of them provide you with verbal instructions and communicate with you like they are really alive. Young kid’s toys even talk well these days and the perfect example is the “Speak and Says” which have been around for years but have gotten really advanced in the recent years. More often, the toys are incorporated not only with the traditional plastic dials but also with animated screens that can actually interact effectively with toddlers. It is a mind-boggling mystery to me as to what the following years will develop as the next generation of talking dolls but if there is one thing I’m sure of is that it will be awesome! 


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