Swing Set Backyard

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One of the things I love during spring time is doing backyard work by myself where get to do productive work that I can appreciate after. It could be that I’m adding a new swing accessory to my daughter’s play set, building a tool shed for myself, fixing a few things in the garden or some other productive work. I never pass off the chance to go out under the nice, sunny weather and enjoy the work. It’s only right as I spend the entire winter all cooped up in my house. For someone who loves to do outdoor work, this can be very upsetting. Nevertheless, this year I have a very ambitious activity in mind. We needed to have a new swing set backyard because apparently, the old one had already put up with way too many winters. The swing set was really old, decrepit and it just looked so frail that I worry it can no longer support my daughter’s weight. The swing set was my first backyard project for the year and was really looking forward in building it.

Swing set backyard structures are quite easy to build. All there is to make sure is that the chains are well-attached, the frame sturdy and all nearby obstacles are removed. Swing set backyards can be built by virtually anybody. However, for this year, I have a more special swing concept that I wanted to do. My daughter had always told me wanted a tree swing so I thought it would be a good idea to work from there. I also find it far more easier than building a whole new swing set backyard all at once. But in this project, I wanted to use something more deluxe instead of the normal tire swing that people often use. I attached a seat roomy enough for two to the rope so she and her friend can seat comfortably together. Not to brag, but my finished work looked really good. This gave me all the confidence to proceed to my next project. It was good to know that I have not lost my touch after all these years.

The next project was a swing set backyard made of wood and I have to admit, it was a little bit hard. You see, I’m the type of worker who prefers not to depend on kits. It is not that I don’t think that they’re well-made or that I can do better, it is more on the fact that I enjoy having to measure, plan, and execute a project all on my own. The purpose of my work is not efficiency but fun. So I built the backyard swings using a modular design. In this way, I’ll be able to built them over weeks, finishing a part and  then working on the next while my daughter played on the ones I finished. It actually took me until the middle of summer to finish the entire swing set backyard. My daughter didn’t mind waiting that long and neither did I as I had so much fun building it. 


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