Tips For House Interior Design

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Tips for house  interior design

At first  we have to choose some theme colours . Based on these colours , we have to do designing. Normally Light colour is good for floor and wall. This will help to look the room size bigger. This light colour is to be combined with dark colours like green, orange, brown, red ,yellow etc to get a new look. Let us think how we can give a contemporary  look to  a living room with off- white flooring , off- white walls .We can mix dark grey and green colour combination to this. Let the upholstery be dark grey colour and leave some green colour cushions  on the same. Grey colour teapoy with plain glass top . Place the teapoy   on a green  small carpet. One wall can be  highlighted with two strips of colour red and grey of width two feet each  . Curtaines can be of grey colour. These little things will change the appearance of the room.  After a period if you want change the appearance of the room, just change all green coloured things  to red, blue , orange or any other colour you like.Just imagine the beauty of a kids room in combination of pink and white!!!

Lighting is very important. While designing the house, utilize every options that will allow sunlight to enter the house. Sliding glass openings to patio etc. will give special beauty. And we can use shade lights, chandeliers etc to enhance interior b. Try to bring nature to interiors. A rectangular corner with pebbles with glass roof will bring lot of light and beauty. A container with a green plant in a corner will give a new look.  Many beautiful things from the nature can be used. The branch of tree can be painted and can be placed in a corner. A wooden piece can be converted to a beautiful teapoy. While designing, we have to make each and every corner useful. The portion under stair can be converted to a book shelf or a good storage area.In interior designing there is no do’s and don’t’s. The taste & ideas  of the inhabitants . The only aim is to present the interior in such a way that it is pleasant and comfortable to guest & family members


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