Three Awesome Holistic Coaching Secrets

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If you’ve researched universal truths, you have accessed some deep higher truths about how the universe functions. With an interest in Spiritual Coaching, you probably also know that this universal force also is in you and everyone else. Energetically, we are all connected and anything is achievable. This brings up a new concept, that spiritual development involves expanding what we understand to be possible and touching our limitless potential as conscious creators.

Over 100 years ago, Wallace Wattles wrote about a higher intelligence that unites everyone and everything in his classic book, The Science of Getting Rich. Wattles made the important point that there is no restriction on the supply of every good thing that our heart desires. Wattles further stated that each individual is entitled to have everything required to have a full life and to gain all imaginable progress toward completion.

A Trio of Enlightening Keys for Spiritual Coaches

1. Know any belief in lack is a fabrication. As a holistically-oriented coach or one who plans to coach yourself to higher levels of awareness, you must perceive the amazing opportunities you and your clients can access in every area of life.

It’s interesting that large numbers of individuals focus on the imagined limitations that keep them stuck. This is true for financial challenges, physical challenges, friends, family, and more. The actual truth is that challenges can also serve as reminders to break through boundaries and grow to a position where we can connect with an awareness of our infinite possibilities and again understand that miracles can happen.

2. Where a person has a heartfelt desire, there is a way to make it happen. From the viewpoint of a Spiritual Coach, it is important to encourage clients to stick to their heartfelt longings realistically. The key to realizing our heart’s desires resides in our thoughts, and you can guide those you serve to adjust their normal ways of perceiving and doing to become one with their dreams. Look for occasions when you think that other people (or even you yourself) are restricted by their difficulties. If you believe in their limited points of view, it will be difficult to lift them out of their current situations.

3. You need to lift your awareness to alter your perception of reality. One way is to develop expansive ideas you can contemplate when uncertainty starts to creep in. One of the most helpful ones you can ask is “Do you believe that the Creator wants you (or any person) to be confined in some manner?” If you access your highest truth, you understand the answer is no. When you remember this, your energy rises and you can come back to the belief that anything is truly possible.

Building on this insightful line of inquiry, find another question or two that works like this for you, thoughts you can access to get back on track any time doubt enters in.

Make note of how you feel when you connect with universal intelligence and unlimited possibilities contrasted with occacions when you believe in belief that opportunities are limited. Which one makes you feel more alive and connected with life? This is critically important for rising to your greatest potential as a holistic and spiritual coach. Touching into the infinite intelligence of the universe is uplifting for your entire being. And there are no adverse side effects!

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