Ritacos Comments on Youtube Videos – April Third Edition

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HOLD IT AGAINST ME – Britney Spears (video version made by the US Marines in peace mission in the Afghanistan)

I prefer the pretty Britney Spears music to the noises of the bombs. Wars are rocks on the way of the human beings evolution. I am sad for warning you that we won’t reach the epoch with whole peace in World, but under present conditions we must fight for the future generations to be free of all kind of horrors that present shame the humanity. I believe that someday we truly can exchange the guns for a peace song. Congratulations on the test and keep training.

LASCIAMI E VAI – Michela Santo

Dear angel Michela Santo, in general I love Italian music, not only because it has much romanticism on its lyrics, but also because its melody deep touches my heart, as each note becomes part of my soul. Listening your song makes me forget the time and its complex net of interactions, which leaves me free to feel your sweet voice tremble on my skin. Lets promote this great song more and make people feel like me when hear you singing. 

BUS STOP – Mel Plant

Great job, Mel Plant. This song is good to hear in a pub with a girlfriend, drinking a bit. The voice, acoustic guitar and soprano saxophone are perfect. I am accustomed to hear Brazilian music and know this song reminds the best moments of life – or is there any other better thing we may enjoy, besides a soft melody, a glass of wine and a pretty woman near our heart?

MUSIC – Brian 

Hey Brian, you made a good job on this video – much creativity in simple movements of figures, that well perform the band sound. I like the bass line, guitars and drums. The voice really rocks too. Congratulations for the amazing production.


Hello Alexa Madison, I’m following your growing up, watching you sometimes at home, sometimes walking in New York city with Paul. You’ve given much gladness to your dad’s friends, with the cute way of living life. Congratulations for these four years old. Time passes by fast but you will persist for many and many years on this Planet, maybe reach the next century. You’re part of the future generation that will make the world better than that one where we and your parents have lived.


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