How To Retrieve Deleted Cell Phones Text Messages

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t commonly happen to most of the people who accidentally deleted cell phone text messages due to in hurry or we are engrossed something and we are distracted. No matter what excuses you given to deleted your text messages, the main part is do you able to recover them back? Some of your guys will think that those deleted text will gone forever after press the delete button but that is not true. With today highly developed technology, you can retrieve your deleted text messages within minute with using proper tools.

Cell phones data recovery software supportable for various platform of smartphones include iPhone 3G and 4G, Blackberry, HTC, Android OS and even Nokia Syambian OS. Keep on reading below to understand more how to recover deleted text messages from your mobile phone within minutes.

Method 1: Use SIM Card Reader To Retrieve Your Deleted SMS

By using cell phone SIM card reader is an option you can choose to retrieve back your deleted text messages. You just need to follow below 3 simple steps to retrieve erased text messages:

  1. You can get a SIM card reader device from for a reasonable price, click on the link located on the right hand sides. Then, remove SIM card and smart card from your cell phones. No all cell phones have the removable SIM card features, make sure your smart phones or cell phones include the SIM card removable features.

  2. Next insert your SIM card into spy SIM card reader and connect it to your PC through USB port.

  3. Search for the removable drive on your computer desktop and recover those messages that you deleted previously. The cell phones SIM card reader not just able to cater erased SMS and also retrieve call history log and deleted photos/videos as well.

Method 2: Use Cell Phones Spy Software To Retrieve Your Deleted SMS

If you’re using smart phones then you definitely drop into method 2 category where most of those smartphones don’t have removable SIM card capability or their SIM card not attached together. Then how does smartphones such as iPhone, Android, HTC, Blackberry and Symbian OS type phones able to recover deleted text messages?

No worry, there are more than one way to retrieve cell phones messages beside using SIM card reader.The easiest way to recover deleted text messages from smart phone is using Cell Phone Spy Software. Don’t fool by the name Spy, the cell phone spyware more than just spy and monitor usage, it can also use for data recovery proposes.

How To Use Cell Phones Spy Software

Once you installed those mobile spyware into your phones, the spying software will operate behind the screen hidden the notice of user and start uploading starts to collect cell phone activities data such as text messages, ingoing/outgoing call history, stealth GPS coordinates, live call intercepting or tapping conversation and uploads to a remote server using 3G, GPRS or WiFi.

Which mean, the spyware is making additional backup data include text messages, videos and photos on the remote server itself.

If those text messages accidentally deleted from your mobile, you still able to retrieve the exact same original copy from the cell phones spy software remote servers.

You can simply access the spyware provider website by enter your account details login. Once successfully access the web pages of spyware, you have full access to the uploaded data, such as view text messages, call history log activities, real-time GPS coordinate, and live conversation tapping features as well.

Top Choice of Cell Phones Spy Software – Spy Bubble

Recommended spy cell phone app –Spy Bubble which supportable by various platform of smart phones category such as Blackberry, Android, Symbian and iPhone as well. Spy bubble developed by a team of professional programmer that create a powerful yet convert cell phones monitoring software that tracks and records all information in real-times.

With SpyBubble you able to :

  • Stealth GPS exact coordinate knowing where the phone user currently located

  • Read incoming/outgoing call history

  • Recover deleted text messages

  • Viewing who sending text messages with word by word content

  • Tapping live call conversation

  • and more..


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