Treating Ingrown Nails At Home

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Ingrown nails, especially on the toes, are quite common. This is a condition where the sides of the nail dig painfully into the soft tissues that surround the nail. This can lead to irritation and pain to the point where the wearing of shoes is difficult.

Toenails typically grow straight out. However, there are times when the nail will grow one or both corners and sides of the nail grow into the flesh surrounding the nail. The big toe is the normal victim of the ingrown toenail.

Ingrown nails can be caused by

· Nails that are not trimmed properly

Note-trim nails straight across and keep the nail no longer than the tip of the toe. Don’t round the corners of your nails. Use toe nail clippers when clipping

· Hereditary does play a part in how our nails grow

· Shoe pressure can cause the nail to grow unnaturally

· Repeated trauma to the feet

If you suspect an infection from an ingrown toe nail, submerse the entire foot in a warm salt water soak or a basin of soapy water. Apply an antiseptic and bandage the area.

Treatment for the ingrown nail can vary from patient to patient

Diabetics are especially at risk for serious injury from an ingrown toenail. People with diabetes suffer from peripheral vascular disease or other circulatory problems and issues and should avoid any home remedies. Contact your podiatrists immediately for proper treatment. Failure to have proper treatment can result in loss of the toe or worse.

Avoid attempting to remove the nail or using over the counter cures. Nail problems should be evaluated and treated by your podiatrists. A podiatrist is a trained physician who specializes in the foot, ankle and adjacent areas. He can prescribe prescription medication if needed or any other suitable treatment to help.

For chronic ingrown nails, you can use topical medications, oral medications or worst case scenario, surgical intervention. The corner of the nail that in grows along with the matrix or root of that piece of nail can be removed. The removal is done with a laser or chemical.


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