I Need to Get My Articles To Earn Me Money

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Nearly everyone writing on the internet is writing for income. They are putting hard work into articles and content in order to market it to different traffic sources. You write to make money online and it seems that no matter what you do, it’s not working. You are not seeing the money that you think you should be generating.

How do I fix my online earnings? I need to increase my earnings on my articles. I have several online article accounts that are set up to earn money for me, but I cannot get my earnings to reflect all of the hard work that I put in. I read the articles, use keywords and SEO. I have completed several online courses and I follow hints, suggestions and several different methods suggested, but my earnings still suck. Why?

You see newer writers on the same sites that are earning eight times the amount that you are struggling to earn. They are earning it seems without even trying hard. How can I get my earnings “jump started” to get the big bucks in my pocket? You need to fix whatever is broken or get off of the pot and throw in the towel. If you decide to fix the problem, read on.


Tweak the articles that you currently have online.

If you are not using the Google Keyword Tool, you need to start now. Google Analytics is another tool that can be more than useful in fixing the problem. You may have too many or you may not have enough keywords in your articles. For example, if you have an article that you believe should be performing well and isn’t, read it out loud.

The article should sound “genuine” or “authentic”. Using the same word again over and over again is keyword stuffing and worse than not having enough keywords. The ideal keyword content is close to 3%. Keyword stuffing is defined typically at 5% by many search engines.

Edit your work-

Be your own worst critic. Be honest about your content and articles

Every article that you write online is not terrific. However, it can come as close as you can get to terrific with a little work.

Edit the entire text and fix what needs to be fixed. Make the writing sound natural and flow great. Change the title if you don’t feel comfortable with it. Change the order of the sentences or add subheadings. Should the opening paragraph be changed? Fix whatever needs to be fixed.

When fixing your articles review the overall article. Do you need to add or remove images or video content? Do you have several articles that all sound the same? If that wasn’t your intention make changes.

How to work going forward-

Keep in mind your mantra of needing to increase the earnings on your articles. In order to write an excellent article you want to focus on content, layout and then your article title. Working in this order will assure the best possible outcome and increase your earnings each time you publish one of your articles.


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