Need to Support Our Troops

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There are people who cannot seem to differentiate war and the soldiers who are fighting in it. More often than not, these people forget that even those who are risking their lives fighting in the war may not think that what they were doing is right but they were still more than willing to serve their country. It may go against what you believe in when it comes to our troops and on where they are now but you need to separate that thinking from the way you view them. Despite your beliefs, it is important that you support our troops. You may not have anyone fighting in the war, but I know that you at least know someone whose husband, son, brother, wife or sister is off fighting for something that you cannot really understand.

When I hear people say that they support our troops, I often wonder how exactly they are doing that? You could protest and say that war is not right but this consequently makes our troops feel that they’re not appreciated in their own country. Perhaps taking the time to look at what they’re going through will make them understand their situation. Countless young people, some barely over 18, are out there seeing the things that they should never have seen and living in extremely primitive ways that shrinks in comparison to the comforts they have at home. Yet they still continue to go through all of it because that is what they expected when they signed up. Keep in mind that they did not sign up to be thrown in Iraq but only for the purpose of defending their country. What they do is follow orders. When we support our troops, it means we support the people and not the reason they’re there.

The average people do feel for their situation and often, they want to help in anyway they can to support our troops. Unfortunately, they simply do not know how to do it. There are so many simple things that an average person can do to make a difference and sometimes, these efforts can have a bigger impact than they could have imagined. One great way is to send cards and letters, telling them you support them and you can also send them care packages. Another good way to support our troops can be done right in your home. If is someone you know  whose father, mother or any member of their family are fighting in the war, you can extend your help to them. It is a sad truth that military families left behind have difficulty coping up. It is in this struggle that they need all the help they can get. Your support can help them in the most unexpected way. Have the compassion to use your extra time in helping them make their lives just a little bit easier. These familes make the ultimate sacrifice in order to ensure your freedom so helping them may be the best thing you can do to support our troops. 


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