Sailing Holidays

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A couple of months ago, my girlfriend suggested that we take a sailing trip together. When she told me about that proposal, I was not excited at all. We are actually the exact opposites in many aspects most especially about our concepts of romantic venues. For her, the best spot for a romantic date is in the middle of the wilderness. If you will ask me, Manhattan is my concept of a romantic spot. My girlfriend and I always work things out quite well except when we have to make our decisions with regard to vacations. That part is really hard for both of us. Most of the time, we take turns during  the decision making process but this instance, I was not really sure If I could follow her lead. This sailing holiday idea absolutely scared me a lot.

Even though everybody in the photographs from her sailing holidays brochure seemed to be enjoying a lot, all I could imagine about was the dangers awaiting them beneath the waves of the sea. I was familiar with the Greek sailing holidays company that my girlfriend was thinking about. I knew that it had a quite good safety documentation but still, I cannot think of myself going to that sailing holidays that she likes. Honestly, I had never been onto a sail boat in the past, even a small sail boat. I was really anxious about the idea of sailing holidays. At that time, I had a lot of questions in mind such as, What if I am going to experience sea sickness? Do some people throw up during the entire sailing period? or Am I going to be the first one?

Inspite of everything that I have had though about, I still had to give in. Anyway, I was still preparing a trip to London after that year. I knew that if I disagreed with her decision, she would reject my plan of going to London. I did want things to be all right at that point. Getting to that sailing holidays was really a good decision. As far as I could remember, I was literally shaking at the start of the trip. My girlfriend had to hold my hand and did everything just for me to be distracted about how I felt. However, a few hours after that, something unusual occured: I did not freak out anymore.

I definitely had a wonderful time on the sail boat. There were a lot of interesting individuals that I had talked to. I realized that there was something about the waves that made our trip worthwhile. It was quite relaxing and peaceful sailing holidays knowing that we did not have any problems with the weather during the whole trip. If there was anything wrong about the weather at that time, It was just too mild since we have not noticed anything at all. At the end of that day, I could not express how grateful I am on those sailing holidays. If she would enjoy London as much as I do, we will definitely have a wonderful vacation next summer. 


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