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Does true love really last for eternity? Do love stories like “Romeo & Juliet” happen in real life? They fell so passionately for each other and nobody could get in between. Because of so much love for each other, they committed suicide shortly after. In addition, this is what kept me thinking, though the idea of romance relationships seem ideal and should be eternal, it really is not. These lovers were only together for a matter of days. It would not be the same had they stayed alive and shared a few years of their lives together. The cycle of every other romance relationships in this earth does not work like that. That is just not how life goes. Romance tends to die, or fade.

It is so true that we should really work on our marriages or relationships. They do not work on their own. I always tell younger people that romance relationships do not stay perfect. First few encounters could be amazing and could blow your mind away. Exactly because everything is new and exciting for both of you and you are interested to learn more about one another each day. Eventually, when both of you get to that part; it becomes unfortunate because the mystery is gone. You spend so much time with each other and things just start to become routine. And before you know it, you are living together or married to each other and have a baby on the way. 

You can now say goodbye to romance relationships then say hello to the day-to-day routine. Wait! I am not trying to give love a bad name. After all, it is what I have. I am only trying to point out that your “honeymoon stage” does not last forever. In a relationship, you need to really make time for each other and try your best to spice things up. You really have to put effort on it. 

There are some websites where you can get advice and tips on romance relationships. You may spot something new that may be ideal for you and your loved one. You should know that anything new can always be good. For sure, real relationships really need real work.

I admit that I am not very good when it comes to romance relationships. However, I am the type who will do my best to make things better for my partner and me. Why? Mainly because I believe, it is worth the effort and time. The happiness you feel is priceless. Some relationships are so good that even though at times you are hurt or felt bad, you could say it’s worth the tears. The love you have for each other may have faded and the passion may be gone but you can choose to either love them for life or not. Moreover, if you choose to love your partner forever, you should really work on it and give it your best. It takes both parties’ effort thus, the saying “it takes two to tango”, but it is very possible. 


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