Retail Management Job

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People do not really understand when I tell them that I’m in retail management. They don’t have any idea. Many would assume that I’m like a shift worker at a pay at the pump gas station, or maybe a retail clerk in a clothing store who is working hard for a minimum wage. Some would just jump into the opposite conclusion. When they hear about a retail manager, they would think that I am responsible for a whole operation, managing a store, or running several stores for a company. Retail management is not a very glamorous job but it surely pays the bills. Retail managers are responsible for running stores or departments in order to meet company’s targets and policies. The aim of any retail management jobs is to maximize profit while minimizing cost. You are been entrusted with a very big responsibility.

To be honest, I could be much worse and do something worse for me than to be in retail management. For one, I did not take a business degree course or any training in that department. I did not even make it through college. I did not get the good grades in high school either. Bottom line is, I did not take school seriously, and did not really think of the future until I already had messed up. The first job I got was as a clerk in one of those well-known chain stores. I was hard working and I got lucky. So after a couple of years, I got promoted as a night shift manager. 

Soon after, I got to get the day schedule. I make enough money, have a nice retirement package, and a lot other benefits so it was not that bad at all.

However, retail management does not seem like what I really want to do. These managers who have served here for 20 to 30 years are not so happy people. And it is not because it is a hard job. There are difficult times like people can be nasty to you and that they may work you to the bone, but that is not it. This years and years of being under fluorescent lamps, hearing this elevator music every day, dealing with customers’ complaints, and seeing these racks and piles repeatedly, will have a bad effect to your mind after a while. For me, I already feel like I am less sharp than before. Anything, which you do repeatedly, will eventually wear you out. And it will become uninteresting. It is very important that you like your job and you love what you are doing.

Nevertheless, the problem is I am not eligible to do other jobs. My only skill is retail management. I have not done anything that would advance me beyond this level like trainings or schooling. However, if I think about it, I already have this job, which pays the bills. It could be an unsatisfying job, but fairly decent. I really want to try something new but I do not know if I am ready to take the risk. 


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