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It is never easy to make requests for donation letters. It is hard for a stranger to ask money from someone. Request for donations, which I get from other charities, always seem so insincere. These nonprofit organizations do not really spend much thought on how to make their letters sincere. First, they would express gratitude for the kindness that you have shown or given, and they would then ask for more. As a donor to many charities, I definitely would consider my own perception to requests for donation prior to making one myself. Moreover, I guess this is what helped me discover a better way of doing it.

When coming up with a request for donations, it is very important that you make the people realize that they will be a part of something very special for their money. Most people in our society are lonely and no one seems to feel like they are a part of anything of importance anymore.  Therefore, requests for donations should make someone feel otherwise. If they have donated before, tell them that what they have given has helped a lot. Have you started a cause last year? What did their donations do to help with that project? Let them know that. Let them know how helpful they have been and what their donations meant for some families. Let them know about the programs, campaigns, and other people or cause that has been directly affected by the donation they contributed.  This will make a difference in your request for donation because this will make your donor feel like they have participated in a very meaningful cause. And of course this will also make them happy as one of the people who have extended help.

So, do not simply ask for money. It should be emphasized in the request for donation that money is needed for a very important particular project. This should be established in the letter as the actual request for donation.  For example, in this nonprofit organization that I used to work with, we were dedicated to protect the environmental watershed in Berkeley, California. So we worked to reclaim land from the developers and were determined to give them back to our nature.

Our entire request for donations in 1987 was concerning about a certain plot of land. In the request for donation, we explained how we turned it from a virtual dump to a beautiful wild land. The most important part was we included pictures. Then, we made a request for donations to help us continue the mission and be able to extend it to another park. That year, we made a lot of money, more than we ever had in the previous years and that is because we were very particular about what we had accomplished and what more we would want to do. That is what people would love to hear. It is very important that they know where their money would go and what difference it will make for everyone who are directly affected with the specific project. 


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